Zohreh Sadeghi Murder: Podcaster Ambushed By Stalker Had Mobility Issues After Spine Surgery

REDMOND, WASHINGTON: A Washington woman whose life was allegedly taken by her stalker expressed her fear of the worst as she wrote a plea in court for a restraining order. Zohreh Sadeghi was killed along with her husband, Mohammad Milad Naseri, after a Texas man identified as Ramin Khodakaramrezaei allegedly broke into their home and shot them dead on March 9.

Khodakaramrezaei also committed suicide after committing the crime. But days before the murder-suicide, reports said Sadeghi had revealed his mobility issues from spinal surgery in his application. She noted: “I have had major back surgery and my mobility has been affected, and I need 24/7 care. It makes me fearful for my ability to respond to a crisis. .


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“These delusions make me fear for my life and that of my loved ones”

The podcaster, who was allegedly harassed by the 38-year-old trucker for over a year, also said that “Mr. Khodakaramrezaei’s voicemails have been a cause of anxiety and insomnia for me. They include him crying and begging me to pick him up, threatening to burn himself and the tree in front of my house, also telling me to delete my Instagram or make it public so he can see the content that I publish.

She added: “These delusions make me fear for my life and that of my loved ones.” Not only that, Khodakaramrezaei also got in touch with Naseri and Sadeghi’s friends in an attempt to reach her. According to an exchange between the defendant and Sadeghi’s husband, submitted to King County District Court, Khodakaramrezaei told Naseri, “She doesn’t pick up if I call.”

“I still deserve so much”

The woman’s husband then reportedly told the suspect, “You want to talk to her, she doesn’t want to hear. I don’t call that a conversation. I call it a monologue. You can still record your voice and send it. I’m sure she can listen if she wants. To which, Khodakaramrezaei added, “Well, I still deserve so much. Also, I left her voicemails and messages. She doesn’t read my messages or respond to my voicemails.

Furthermore, the alleged killer even once called Naseri at night and asked him to give the phone to Sadeghi. The woman’s husband reportedly told her in January, “The fact that you have the nerve to call me and ask my wife for the phone so you can tell her you love her is amazing.” He also added: “The fact that you expect me to actually do this just baffles me. I don’t know in what culture, where in the world, that would be considered OK.

‘Worst nightmare’

It comes after Redmond Police Chief Darrell Lowe reportedly called the incident a “worst-case scenario”. He also said: “This is every victim’s, every investigator’s, every police chief’s worst nightmare. Our hearts go out to the victim’s family and the Redmond community following this horrific tragedy. »

“This is an incredibly sad situation and the worst possible outcome of a harassment case. We will continue to investigate what led to this tragic loss,” Lowe added.

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