‘Wild ‘n Out’ Star Rip Michaels Posts Shocking Health Update As Celebrity Friends and Fans Pray for His Recovery

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Rip Michaels, the comedian best known for his appearances on MTV’s “Wild ‘n Out,” had to cancel a taping of a comedy show due to a recent heart attack.

Speaking from his hospital bed in the intensive care unit via Instagram on Wednesday, November 15, the 41-year-old comedian expressed his regrets to ticket holders, according to the New York Post.

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Rip Michaels shares heartfelt announcement

“I just wanted to let you know that I will not be present for the Apollo show. I am in the hospital and will be rescheduling for a later date,” Michaels said, expressing his inability to perform. as expected.

Adding more details in the caption, he mentioned, “My heart since the attack is only functioning at 17% and I’m currently in intensive care with good people on the heart failure team!”

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Celebrities rally with heartfelt messages for Rip Michaels’ recovery

Celebrities have given their heartfelt support and encouragement to Rip Michaels’ recovery on his Instagram post.

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Nick Cannon, Michaels’ boss on “Wild ‘n Out,” shared his feelings on the post, offering his best wishes to the comedian. “You are a titan and a force of nature, always have been. Take all the time you need and rest hard, king,” Cannon wrote, expressing support for Michaels’ recovery.

“We are all collectively sending you healing energy and prayers from the highest frequency of our souls. We are rooting for your full and speedy recovery, brother. I sincerely love you!” he added.

Michaelblackson wrote: “In the wonderful name of Jesus, everything will be okay. »

Deraydavis replied, “Still trying to pull off a model look in the last slide!! You got this man! CHI CITY, send them prayers!”

Comedianangodfrey commented, “Dude bro!! I didn’t know about it!! Praying for a speedy recovery man. I’m sorry this happened to you.”

Rip Michaels: From ‘Wild ‘n Out’ to Comedy Awards and TV Projects

Michaels became a member of “Wild ‘n Out” in 2014, participating in the sixth season of the series.

Alongside his involvement in the popular MTV series, he hosts “Urban Eats & Treats,” a show available for streaming on Peacock and Tubi.

The program follows Michaels and various guests as they explore hidden culinary treasures across the country.

In an interview with “Rolling Out” in 2017, Michaels revealed that he arrived in New York at a young age, facing a period where he had to sleep on the streets due to his homelessness.

He recounted residing outside of the FIT Institute and on 42nd Street, mentioning his lack of familiarity with the nuances of real estate.

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He humorously expressed, “I didn’t know about real estate, so when I told people I lived on Lexington Ave and in the Diamond District, they didn’t believe me. I didn’t know the area was famous. [as] one of the most expensive places in real estate. But those were some of the parks I slept in.”

Gradually, Michaels began performing regularly on two or three shows, eventually gaining recognition for her involvement in the MTV series Becoming Presents: Wannabe, a spin-off of the reality show Becoming, hosted by Christina Milan.

Michaels later collaborated with Milan and formed a close friendship with Nick Cannon while working on a film called “Love Don’t Cast a Thing.”

His career grew when he appeared on 50 Cent’s show “50 Central” and the sketch series “Off the Rip.”

His talent has been recognized with several honors, including being named APCA Comedian of the Year and receiving the College Entertainer of the Year award at the American Comic Awards.

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