Who runs Media Matters? Megyn Kelly lashes out at media ahead of Elon Musk’s ‘thermonuclear’ trial

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: In a bold move against Media Matters and its president Angelo Carusone, X (formerly Twitter) is bracing for a legal battle, with figures like Megyn Kelly coming to Elon Musk’s defense.

Media Matters allegations and advertiser exodus

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The conflict stems from allegations by Media Matters that ads from major brands appeared alongside anti-Semitic content on the social media platform, leading to a wave of advertiser removals from the website.

Carusone, known for his criticism of Musk’s 2022 takeover of X, accuses Musk of steering the platform into a hub of hate speech rather than implementing reasonable controls. He has actively called on advertisers to disassociate themselves from X if Musk continues what he perceives as a “radicalization” of the platform.

The controversy intensified when Media Matters published a report claiming that advertisements for well-known brands were placed alongside messages promoting Nazism. That prompted IBM, Comcast and other advertisers to pull their ads from X, intensifying scrutiny of Musk’s leadership.

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Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, reassured employees of the company’s commitment to combating anti-Semitism and discrimination. However, Carusone disputed these claims, arguing that X’s announced system to prevent ads from appearing alongside harmful content does not work as promised.

“If you’re looking for white nationalist content, the ads flourish. The system they claim exists doesn’t work like that,” he said.

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Musk responded on Saturday (November 18) by announcing a “thermonuclear” lawsuit against Media Matters and others involved in what he called a “fraudulent attack” on X.

Megyn Kelly expresses support for Elon Musk

Notable figures including Megyn Kelly have expressed support for Musk, with Kelly accusing Media Matters of having a “goal” to get conservatives fired. She highlighted her own experiences with Media Matters.

“Ever since I joined Fox and started moving up, they would take everything I said completely out of context, try to make it controversial, and then try to get me fired,” Kelly began.

“I mean, over and over and throughout my career… including when I went to NBC. They pushed and pushed and pushed everything I said that they could make controversial all over the Internet.” , she continued.

“Their only goal is to get conservatives fired, to get anyone on the right fired, ruined, canceled. That’s why they exist.”

“I can’t believe these big blue chip companies jump when Media Matters says jump. Are they so ignorant that they don’t understand that this is a hacking organization, that we are can’t trust anything this group does?” she asked.

Amid legal threats and media frenzy, Carusone countered Musk’s narrative, saying Musk is not the free speech defender he claims to be, but rather a “tyrant” trying to silence the exact information.

“Far from being the free speech advocate he claims to be, Musk is a bully who threatens baseless lawsuits in an attempt to silence information he has even confirmed is accurate. Musk has admitted that The ads in question were running alongside the pro-Nazi content we identified.” Carusone alleged.

X responded to the controversy by limiting accounts publishing anti -Semitic equipment, preventing them from generating income and qualifying specific publications as “sensitive media”.

Musk, however, continued to call Media Matters an “evil organization,” even drawing criticism from the White House after accepting an article about X falsely claiming that Jews fueled hatred against white people.

Reactions on social networks

Social media was flooded with reactions, with many thanking Kelly for standing by Musk.

“Good to see you alongside Elon. If we don’t stand up now… when will we?” one posted on X.

“Thank you @megynkelly! We stand with X and @elonmusk!” another wrote.

“These bastards need to be arrested in court. They’re so happy they got the wrong person,” someone else suggested.

“They will fall eventually!! Thank you for your support Megyn!” » another added.

Glad to see you alongside Elon. If we don’t stand up now… when will we?

— floridanow1 (@floridanow1) November 18, 2023

Thanks @megynkelly! We stand alongside X and @elonmusk!

— alexisrs (@alexrs2k) November 18, 2023

These vile bastards must be arrested in court. So glad they got the wrong person.

— SazzygirlinCali (@RjbRocklin) November 18, 2023

THEY will eventually fall!!

Thank you for your support Megyn! 🫶🏻👊🏼

— FarmingInSA (@Farming_SA) November 18, 2023

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