Who is Zohre Sadeghi? A podcaster has been granted a no contact order against the stalker who killed her after a year of terror

REDMOND, WASHINGTON: A double murder-suicide of a podcaster, her husband and her stalker has left people shaking in fear. Zohre Sadeghi was killed along with her husband, Mohammed Naseri, on March 9 after a Texas trucker named Ramin Khodakaramrezaei broke into their home around 2 a.m. It was said that the criminal also died after committing the crime due to an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Now more information about the horrific case has emerged and it has been revealed that Khodakaramrezaei allegedly stalked Sadeghi for over a year after he got to know her from his podcast. His obsession with the 33-year-old woman grew so strong that the victim had to file a no contact order against him. But Khodakaramrezaei had not yet received the court order since the cops could not locate him due to his profession.

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“It’s the worst case scenario”

Redmond Police Chief Darrell Lowe reportedly said, “This is the worst case scenario. It’s every victim’s, every investigator’s, every police chief’s worst nightmare. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and the Redmond community following this horrific tragedy,” before noting, “This is an incredibly sad situation and the worst possible outcome of a harassment case. We will continue to investigate what led to this tragic loss.

#DEVELOPING: @komonews obtained this protective order against the man who police say stalked and killed a Redmond woman and her husband. In the documents, the victim said that Ramin Khodakaramrezaei would “show up at my door and burn himself and set my house on fire burning the tree I love” pic.twitter.com/Wjmp7fhuVW

— Ryan Simms (@RyanTVnews) March 10, 2023

KOMO News, citing the protection order, reported that Khodakaramrezaei used to call Sadeghi several times and left him several voicemails. Not only that, he was also harassing her husband by sending him a number of messages daily. The killer was first confronted by Sadeghi on November 6, 2022, but he did not stop and continued to contact her from different numbers. On December 20, 2022, he apparently even went to the victim’s house to give her flowers after discovering that Naseri was out.

“He would get burned”

When filing for the protection order, which was a misdemeanor, Sadeghi allegedly claimed that Khodakaramrezaei warned her that he would ‘show up at my door, burn himself and set fire to my house by burning the tree that I love”. In December alone, the woman received more than 50 calls from the stalker, who also allegedly told her that “the only thing that will stop this is if he kills himself or dies”.

“These delusions make me fear for my life”

Khodakaramrezaei even allegedly sent threatening messages to Naseri, one of which said that “he would kill himself if he gathered the courage”. He also harassed Sadeghi’s friends as the ordinance plea read, “Khodakaramrezaei has temper tantrums and is completely delusional. These delusions make me fear for my life and that of my loved ones.

The woman’s fear increased after undergoing major back surgery, leaving her unable to move quickly. In his petition, Sadeghi wrote about it adding, “All this has caused me great distress and pain, and now I suffer from a deep fear for my safety. It interfered with my recovery. I couldn’t open my bedroom curtains for fear he was outside watching me.


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