Who is Tracey Miller? Retired Phoenix police officer dedicated to helping animals in need

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: During a remarkable journey from law enforcement to animal welfare, Tracey Miiller, a former Phoenix police officer, dedicated her life to helping animals in need.

Growing up in Michigan, her fascination with iconic crime shows like “CHiPs” and “Cagney & Lacey” ignited her passion for criminal justice.

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Tracey Miiller’s transformative journey

Inspired by crime and crime dramas of the 1970s and 1980s, Miiller pursued a degree in criminal justice at Ferris State University and graduated in 1993.

Her preference for warmer temperatures led her to the Phoenix Police Department’s police academy, where she spent 21 years, before retiring as a lieutenant in 2014, according to Arizona Central.

After a brief hiatus following his retirement, Miiller sought a second vocation that did not involve returning to the field or carrying a firearm.

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Her journey led her to the Arizona Humane Society, where she found a managerial position that fit her desire to use her law enforcement skills for a noble cause.

During his five years with the Humane Society, Miiller rose to various leadership positions. As director of field operations, she supervises teams such as animal cruelty investigators, emergency animal medicine technicians and the emergency response team.

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Her dedication to animal welfare extends beyond her professional role, as evidenced by her love for animals.

Miiller’s childhood home in Michigan was home to a variety of animals, from chickens and guinea pigs to rabbits, aquariums, ducks, cats and dogs. This deep connection to animals intensified during his tenure at the Humane Society. Notably, after providing medical care to a dog brought in by paramedics, Miiller adopted it.

Henry, a three-legged Dutch shepherd, became part of his family.

Tracey Miiller’s Dedicated Service During the Maui Wildfire

Her commitment extends to Mr. Nanook, a German Shepherd, Malamute, and Husky mix, and Rosie, an eight-year-old Sulcata tortoise, both adopted from the Humane Society. Miiller’s affinity for animals has been a driving force in his role as manager.

Under Miiller’s leadership, the Emergency Response Team plays a crucial role in disaster areas, providing medical aid, critical resources and temporary shelter to affected animals. Dispatched to the scene of wildfires, the team cares for evacuees and their animals, providing shelter to animals whose owners may have alternative accommodation but cannot bring their pets.

Miiller’s leadership was on display during the Maui wildfire this summer, where his team traveled nearly 3,000 miles to help animals in need.

In partnership with the Maui Humane Society, they provided relief to burned animals, distributed pet supplies, and helped ranchers whose water supplies had been contaminated.

The experience was emotionally taxing for Miiller, witnessing the devastation of a place she had previously visited for vacation. However, its commitment to helping the affected community remained unwavering and the team’s efforts were met with gratitude.

As Tracey Miiller continues her life-changing journey with the Arizona Humane Society, her story serves as an inspiring testimony to the transformative power of dedication, compassion and true love for animals.

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