Who is Dhruv Narayan’s wife? Get details about his family and net worth

Dhruv Narayan passed away on March 11, 2023, Saturday. Everyone is shocked after his death. People want to know more about his personal life and the reason for his death. You will get complete details about Narayan’s family and net worth. Keep reading for more details.

Dhruv Narayan

What happened to Dhruv Narayan?

Dhruva Narayan is also known as Rangaswamy Dhruva Narayana. He was a member of parliament from Lok Sabha. He died of a heart attack on Saturday March 11, 2023. He was taken to hospital on Friday March 10, 2023. He lost his life on Saturday morning. His family is quite private and demands privacy. They don’t want to share much about themselves. People are curious about his wife.

Dhruv Narayan

Who is Dhruva Narayan’s wife?

As we mentioned above, he is quite private about his family. Members requested confidentiality. They are not comfortable sharing their personal life. We don’t have enough information about his family. He was having a good time with his wife. The couple share two sons. His wife supported him and was always with him in his worst moments. He never posted photos with his wife and children for privacy reasons. His family was with him the last time. He was admitted to the city hospital. He breathed his last on Saturday morning.

Son of Dhruva Narayan:

Dhruv Narayan’s two sons lived with their partners. They are mature and moving forward in their lives. He was a very worried father. He did not believe in making information about his family public. He used to mention the role of his parents and his wife in his success. He started his journey in 1999 from the Vidhan Sabha elections. He won the elections in 2004 by one vote against AR Krishnamurthy. It was all about his trip. People are eager to know more about his net worth. Let’s take a look at Dhruva Narayan’s net worth.

Net worth of Dhruv Narayan:

Its earnings are kept private. He did not share any details about the sources from where he earns. Each source mentions the different net worth of Dhruv Narayan. His net worth is generally said to be Rs. 2.89 crores. He was a politician, and that’s probably his main source of income. He could be invested in any business or have other projects that we are not aware of.

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