Where is Jussie Smollett now? The brothers who were paid to attack the actor call him “a crazy fraudster”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Both men, who were paid by Jussie Smollett to attack him in January 2019, have finally spoken up. Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo slammed the actor as a ‘crazy con man’ and revealed they were given $3,500 to carry out the hate crime against him so he could reinvent himself as a ‘poster boy for the activism”.

Referring to Smollett’s continued insistence that he was in fact a victim despite being convicted in 2021, the brothers told Fox Nation, “Insane. That’s when that I really saw a different side of Jussie. Like, man, really? That’s when I knew this guy was like a supervillain.


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“I felt betrayed by Jussie”

Abimbola shared, “I thought he was a good actor, but I also thought this guy was an impostor. This guy is really just sitting here lying to these people. Lying through his teeth and not caring I felt betrayed by Jussie and what he had done. I didn’t know what to do – I wasn’t ready to say anything. Like, I was mute. And I didn’t want to say anything.

Further tarnishing the ‘Empire’ actor, Abimbola pointed out, “It was a crazy scene that Jussie put on. He even said, ‘I wouldn’t be my mother’s son if I did what you say I do. I did.’ I’m like, ‘So you’re not your mother’s son, mate'”, before asserting: “This guy is a great liar. Saying something like that, and even bringing your mother in something like that. Showing no remorse. It’s crazy.”

“He seemed sincere and genuine”

The Osundairo brothers also shared how they met the ‘Taraji’s White Hot Holiday Special’ star. Abimbola said: “I met him through a friend. My friend said, ‘this guy is cool. He’s like everyone else. He seemed genuine and genuine as a person. We would go to nightclubs or a bar, and relax, relax – there were a few times when I came to his house and watched TV while they [Smollet and his brother] I would smoke, because I didn’t really smoke.

He noted, “He was the lead actor in Empire, which means being friends with him might help you, which helped me. “He helped me get a stand-in role on Empire, and when he directed he put me in some positions when I was a feature background artist – so that was beneficial.”

Abimbola also revealed that before staging the assault, Smollett used to ask them to get some weed “because he’s not from Chicago and wanted to keep a low profile.” He didn’t want to get the drug dealer’s number – he wanted me to go through and get the drugs for him. It was the kind of favors he was asking me, but we weren’t thinking ‘let’s see what we can get from him’. Because I’m not that kind of person.

He mentioned, “My relationship with Jussie was very genuine so I didn’t think about what he could do for me. And I know for a fact that if I were to approach him like that, it would probably go badly – our relationship. So I knew that wasn’t the path I needed to take, and that’s not how I felt anyway.

“I was a bit ambitious”

The Osundairos also revealed their reactions to Smollett’s plan. Olabinjo shared, “I was ready to do it because if we could do it for him, he could probably help us in our careers. So I was a bit ambitious. I really didn’t think it would be something big. too big that would get anyone in trouble – no one would get hurt or anything – I didn’t see the problem with that.

But Abimbola wasn’t sure as he said: “I was pissed off. I was like, ‘wait, fuck – does this do the right thing, if I was okay. What does all this imply? Are there any consequences to doing so? I couldn’t really think straight. He was a friend, he helped me a lot, he got me roles in Empire, he buys stuff when we go out, ie drinks and so on – so I felt indebted towards him.

What is Jussie Smollett doing so far?

It comes earlier in March as Smollett’s lawyers submitted paperwork to appeal his 150-day sentence to save him from going to jail again on hate crime prank charges. The 40-year-old gay actor has been out of prison since last year after spending six days in a Chicago jail cell.

The attorneys’ appeal brief said: “The renewed prosecution of Mr. Smollett violated his due process rights because (1) Mr. Smollett fully performed his part of a non-prosecution agreement with the State by performing community service and waiving his $10,000 bond; and (2) the State benefited from taking and keeping Mr. Smollett’s bond without performing its end of the bargain. Thus, the breach of due process was prejudicial and necessitates the quashing of Mr. Smollett’s convictions and the dismissal of the charges against him.”

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