What the Stars Knew: Astrologer’s Sept. 6 Message Apparently Warned Diddy About ‘Repercussions’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A September 6 message from an astrologer warning Sean “Diddy” of the “repercussions” of his past actions has gone viral as the rap artist is accused of rape and abuse by his ex-girlfriend friend Casandra Ventura.

Ventura, an R&B singer and dancer, filed a lawsuit against the 54-year-old rapper, claiming that after they met in 2005, he trapped her for a decade, raping and beating her when she was just 19 years old, the BBC reported.

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Cassie Ventura filed a complaint against Diddy (Getty Images)
Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Casandra Ventura accused him of raping and abusing her for over a decade since 2005 (Getty Images)

Surprisingly, the astrologer had already warned Diddy over two months ago.

What did the astrologer say?

An X account named DKAstrology tweeted on September 6 using the hashtag of the rapper’s different stage names: Diddy, puffy and SeanCombs.

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Sharing an astrological theme, the astrologer tweeted: “#Diddy #puffy #SeanCombs transits. Pluto on his Mars! Mars on his Uranus. North Node moves closer to his Saturn. There will be repercussions!!! Bookmark this tweet . He will have to do it.” account of everything he has done or not done to others over the past three decades. Personally, I can’t wait!”

#Diddy #puffy #SeanCombs transits. Pluto on his Mars! Mars on his Uranus.
The North Node moves closer to its Saturn.
There will be repercussions!!! ‼️Bookmark this tweet.
He will have to account for everything he has done or not done to others over the past three decades.
Personally, I can’t wait! pic.twitter.com/UcQfMrOc9i

– DKAstrology 🇭🇺🇯🇲♓✨ (@DKAstrology) September 6, 2023

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Although it didn’t receive much attention when it was posted, it apparently attempted to inform Diddy of upcoming events.

The prediction turned out to be true because his girlfriend filed a lawsuit over what he did to her after 2005 when the two met, precisely 19 years later, which fits into the Astrologer’s three-decade calendar.

Who is the astrologer who warned Diddy?

The astrologer’s name is Delma, according to her website, dkastro.com. Born in Hungary, she is married to a Jamaican.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by DKAstrology 🇭🇺🇯🇲♓ (@dkastrology)

Mentored by astrologer Debra Silverman, she has “a wide variety of local and international clients,” with over “5 years of experience in consulting, life coaching, and personalized astrology services.”

His .

Netizens react to predictions and rape allegations against Diddy

The astrologer’s X account is flooded with comments as reports of accusations multiply. The Internet is also divided on the scientific basis of astrology, with half supporting its accuracy and the other half opposing it.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MAY 15: Host Sean 'Diddy' Combs speaks on stage during the 2022 Billboard Music A
Astrological Prediction Says Diddy Faces Repercussions From His Past Actions (Getty Images)

Users also shared memes as the predictions came true.

One user said: “Witty and rock girls used to have his tea all the time.”

The witty and rock girls had his tea all the time pic.twitter.com/D3SmUhJAdK

– ❄️🗝️ (@DiaryOfKeysus) November 16, 2023

Another user shared a GIF with the caption “Yes, sir.”

Yes sirrr 😂 pic.twitter.com/C2F5vNd76A

– DKAstrology 🇭🇺🇯🇲♓✨ (@DKAstrology) November 17, 2023

Here’s another meme.


– KING OF KRYPT 👑🤺 (@CHIEFBAEFON) November 17, 2023

“Astrology isn’t real but you’ve ruined life with this,” one user said.

astrology is not real but you muzzled the live with that

– K🌬️ (@lSoldKenCrack) November 16, 2023

Another user said: “You were right ma’am. ” While another surprised user said: “This astrology stuff might be real after all.” »

You were right ma’am 👏🏽

– femaleweezy (@TheVinVent) November 16, 2023

This astrology stuff might be real after all 😳

— Tebogo (@OutlawGooner) September 29, 2023

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