Watch: Video of Jonathan Lewis in Las Vegas, who is Jonathan Lewis?

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Video by Jonathan Lewis

Who is Jonathan Lewis?

The terrifying series of circumstances surrounding the untimely death of Jonathan Lewis near Rancho High School occurred. The attackers, numbering around fifteen, brutally and fatally attacked the seventeen-year-old, seriously injuring him. The attack occurred close to the school grounds, darkening the learning environment. As the investigation is still ongoing, the names of the attackers are unclear. The already troubling circumstances are made even more concerning by the delayed response from law enforcement. The neighborhood is left with unanswered concerns and a tangible sense of insecurity because police have made no arrests despite the severity of the attack and its proximity to Rancho High School.

Jonathan Lewis

The reason for Jonathan Lewis’ altercation with the gang was that, according to the group, they took something from one of his friends and cruelly pushed the youth into a trash can. Lewis lost consciousness following the violent mob attack that erupted following this confrontation. Lewis’ condition worsened and he was taken to UMC Hospital by emergency responders after they responded quickly and began CPR at the scene. Sadly, a few days after the attack, Jonathan Lewis died from his injuries despite the best efforts of medical staff. Due to this tragic outcome, his family, friends and the community at large are grieving and demanding justice for the needless death of a young person.

The community is waiting for answers as the investigation progresses, hoping for a conclusion that would bring accountability and closure to the matter. To restore a sense of safety and justice to the grieving community, law enforcement must act quickly and decisively. This is made even more necessary by the lack of arrests and continued confusion over the identity of the attackers. Reconstructing the events leading up to the event and determining a clear objective for the attack are difficult tasks for law enforcement officials.

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