‘Trump is no better’: Internet mocks Ronny Jackson by claiming Joe Biden lacks ‘cognitive abilities’

WASHINGTON, DC: Ronny Jackson, former White House physician to Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, has expressed concerns about the current president’s health and mental abilities as Joe Biden turns 81 on Monday, November 20.

The 81-year-old POTUS’ competence has been called into question after several falls, trips and public verbal gaffes. Texas Rep. Jackson said on “FOX & Friends” that the growing concerns — including those from the left — are legitimate.

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Joe Biden DOES NOT have the cognitive capacity to be our Commander in Chief. His decline since entering the White House is UNDENIABLE. We can’t stand another 4 years of this. We live in dangerous times and Biden SHOULD NOT be in the White House!! pic.twitter.com/9m1p9DcPAf

— Ronny Jackson (@RonnyJacksonTX) November 20, 2023

Ronny Jackson highlighted how Joe Biden has “degenerated”

While pardoning two turkeys during the annual White House ritual before Thanksgiving, Biden confused Britney Spears with Taylor Swift, according to The Express.

Adding fuel to the fire, Jackson said during his conversation on FOX News: “I’ve been saying for a while now, when he was candidate Joe Biden, that I didn’t think he had the cognitive ability to to do work. “

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The veteran went on to say that, in his opinion, Biden had “degenerated” over the past three years.

Jackson added: “He’s surrounded by people who are inappropriately encouraging him to keep running because it reinforces who they are and what they do. But our border, our foreign wars, our economy, you know, it’s just a disaster. right away.”

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“And he just can’t do this job. And it’s obvious every day that he’s no longer capable of doing this job,” Jackson said.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 25: Dr. Ronny Jackson, nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, leaves U.S. post
Dr. Ronny Jackson, nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Getty Images)

Prominent political commentators, such as HBO personality Bill Maher and former Obama adviser David Axelrod, have expressed doubts in recent weeks about Biden’s fitness to also seek re-election.

Drawing on his tenure as White House physician, Jackson asserted that Biden could not meet the demands of being president.

“He can’t do that at all,” Jackson said, informing host Steve Doocy that Biden is incapable of handling the responsibilities of a president and getting re-elected in his current state.

Jackson earlier said, “I think his lack of physical ability and his physical decline is now starting to highlight the cognitive decline that we’ve been seeing for so long now,” according to FOX News.

“It’s a product that just doesn’t sell around the world and it becomes a national security issue for us. We have to do something.”

Jackson, who supports Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, made the remarks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott appeared alongside the 45th president at a rally and endorsed him.

I was HONORED that MY PRESIDENT, Donald J. Trump, asked me to run for president on his behalf today in Texas. It’s also an honor to be joined by two of his biggest supporters and good friends of mine @KenPaxtonTX and @MillerForTexas. We’re going to WIN BIG in Texas and we’re going to… pic.twitter.com/f0pH4eJ6pS

— Ronny Jackson (@RonnyJacksonTX) November 11, 2023

Netizens Slam Ronny Jackson for Claiming Joe Biden Lacks ‘Cognitive Abilities’

Jackson’s statement about President Biden’s lack of “cognitive capacity” to serve another term has gone viral. Internet users then turned to X (formerly Twitter) to castigate the former White House doctor.

An X user criticized and said: “Biden is doing great. You, on the other hand, should not be anywhere near seeing patients. »

A second scoffed and wrote: “Trump is no better,” while a third added: “Clearly you haven’t been listening to Trump lately.”

“You ran for Congress because anyone can do it, and it doesn’t require a random urine test,” another user blasted.

Another scoffed and said: “Take 2 Ambien Ronny and wash it down with your favorite vodka martini.”

Another explained: “Who can take you seriously Ronny when: 1) You didn’t evaluate Biden personally, you just watched videos. 2) When you were Trump’s doctor, you fainted during a trip abroad with Trump and his entourage when they needed you and you weren’t available.

Biden is doing very well. On the other hand, you should not be near patients.

– David Weiss 🇺🇸 (@DWeiss36) November 20, 2023

Trump is no better

– Francisco Jorge Washington (@theredhombre) November 20, 2023

Obviously you haven’t been listening to Trump lately

— Roger Hodgkinson (@HodgkinsonRoger) November 20, 2023

You ran for Congress because anyone can do it and it doesn’t require a random urine test. pic.twitter.com/t5pL00mi51

— Rick Britt (@RickBritt61) November 20, 2023

Take 2 Ambien Ronny and wash them down with your favorite vodka martini

— Susan Cover (@SusanCover10) November 20, 2023

Who can take you seriously Ronny when:
1) You didn’t rate Biden personally, you just watched videos.
2) When you were Trump’s doctor, you passed out on an overseas trip with Trump and his entourage when they needed you and you were unavailable.

– Rebecca Clester (@ClesterRebecca) November 21, 2023

Several others shared funny memes and clips trolling Ronny Jackson for his comment about Biden’s “cognitive ability.”


– Fuckface Von Fishstick🇺🇦 (@FfaceVonFstick) November 20, 2023


– Mark (@Mark42024274) November 20, 2023


— NO LIST * Dark Christine & Charles 🟧🟦💙 (@ckmargolis) November 20, 2023


– 🇺🇸 Randy McQueary 🇺🇸 (@moderncowboy) November 20, 2023


— Sally Sandbox (@SallySandbox) November 20, 2023

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