TOO CUTE TO HANDLE! Olivia Munn shares adorable video of son Malcolm, 1, saying ‘no’ for ‘first time’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Actress Olivia Munn took to Instagram on Thursday to share a heartwarming video of her and John Mulaney’s 16-month-old son Malcolm Hiệp saying “No” for the first time. In the video, which is too cute for words, the little one appears to have just finished his meal and begins to reach for the phone, while repeating “No” over and over.

“This is the first time Malcolm has said no and even he couldn’t take himself seriously,” Munn wrote in the caption. After the baby gently says “no” one last time, he starts laughing with his parents. Munn also jokingly wrote, “When he pushes too far with the last ‘no,'” on the video. In the caption, Munn explains that the family has a new rule banning phones or tablets unless it’s a “code red emergency like a long day of travel.”

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Malcolm’s first birthday

Malcolm’s first birthday was recently celebrated in November 2022. “Just got back from celebrating ONE YEAR of the happiest baby in this world and our lives,” Munn captioned a photo-filled Instagram post and video. of Malcolm eating a birthday cake and wearing a crown made of crotchless yarn. “My son, my joy. Happy birthday Malcolm Hiệp! I love you so so so much,” she added.

In the video, Malcolm can be heard saying “mommy” and “daddy” while playing with his birthday cake. Munn highlighted this milestone in a follow-up post, writing: ‘Malcolm has been calling John ‘dada’ for months but yesterday was the first time he called me ‘mom’ and my heart burst into a million pieces.” The couple welcomed Malcolm in March 2021, just months after Mulaney finalized his divorce from his ex-wife, Anna Marie Tendler.

Malcolm reaches adorable milestones

Over the weekend, Munn shared an adorable photo to her Instagram handle that showed her with Mulaney and their 16-month-old son, Malcolm, at the beach. In the photo, Malcolm sat on his mother’s lap and stuck his tongue out at her as Munn threw his head back and laughed as Mulaney crouched down next to his son, trying to give him a sip of water .

Last month, Munn also shared a sweet video of Mulaney teaching their son the sounds animals make. In the video, Mulaney holds Malcolm on her lap as they read a book. He points to a picture of a snake and makes the “ssss” sound, which Malcolm copies. The couple cheer on the toddler before Mulaney points to the next animal. “Wait, what about that?” he asks, pointing to a “pig”. Malcolm doesn’t hesitate to make a snorting noise, which makes Mulaney laugh, dropping onto the couch and taking the toddler with him.

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