Tim Scott Ends Presidential Campaign, Leaves Fox News Host Stunned by Unexpected Decision

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Not even a week after the third GOP debate, presidential candidate Tim Scott left the race. But it wasn’t a simple announcement as what was supposed to be a simple appearance on Fox News turned out to be his first revelation of this major decision.

The senator, who had just appeared on “Sunday Night in America,” left host Trey Gowdy shocked as he heard the news for the first time from Scott himself.

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Tim Scott says voters don’t want him right now

While Growdy had just asked Scott about his upcoming plans for the campaign, he then announced his withdrawal from the race.

“When I return to Iowa, it will not be as a presidential candidate. I am suspending my campaign,” the senator said.

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He also cited his voters as the reason he made this decision so far in the race.

“I think the voters, who were the most remarkable people on the planet, were very clear in telling me, ‘Not now, Tim.’ I don’t think they’re saying no, but I think they’re saying not now. So I’m going to respect the voters and I’m going to stick it out and work really hard and look forward to the next opportunity.”

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WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 10: Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., interviews Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during the
Tim Scott says American voters have said they don’t want him in the White House this term (Getty Images)

Fox News host shocked by Tim Scott campaign suspension

Growdy, who obviously wasn’t expecting Scott’s announcement, questioned him about such an important decision.

“Are you… are you suspending your presidential campaign?” » asked Gowdy, still recovering from the shock. “You have a lot of money. You have the highest approval rating of any candidate running and you’re a few states away from getting to a state where you’re liked, and you put your candidacy on hold. your presidential campaign?

The former presidential candidate then cited Roman scripture 8:28.

“All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. I think the message is clear to me at this time. I am indeed suspending the campaign.”

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