‘This makes me angry’: Internet furious as clip shows magician Ben Murphy tackled on stage in cruise ship

In a shocking incident which has been caught on camera, an Australian magician was attacked on stage during his performance on a cruise ship. Ben Murphy was performing on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas on March 1, when he asked a guest to join him on stage.

Murphy began his final lap with the woman as someone in the crowd recorded the performance. In the video, Murphy leans close to the lady who is seated on the stage and presses her mouth against a folded card wedged between her lips. A man then charged it after gently bending over to tap their playing cards together as part of the playful act.

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Who is Ben Murphy?

Ben Murphy, comedy magician and illusionist, is one of the most well-known and creative performers in the industry. His special fusion of comedy, magic, illusion and audience interaction has gotten crowds all over the world on their feet. His live show has been featured on over 5 foreign primetime TV specials and is known for featuring a season-long performance at the Pullman Reef Hotel and Resort in Cairns, Australia, 12 weeks of box office performances closed in Melbourne, Australia. the one and only Witches In Britches theatre. Thousands of clients have hired Ben Murphy for award shows, gala dinners, international tours, cruise ships, theaters and private events because of his friendly, approachable and lively personality, according to his website.

How did the Australian magician react?

As the man tackled Murphy, his face lit up in fear. Before the man walked away, the woman was seen pushing him away and clearly angry with him. Later, a speechless Murphy uploaded the video to Instagram. “Entertainment, comedy and magic are NOT contact sports,” he wrote. “This guest should not have been allowed to enjoy the rest of his cruise.”

“No witnesses”

According to Murphy, it took a week for anyone to approach him for a statement, and he claimed he informed that the delay was due to “no witnesses” being present. According to Royal Cruises, it is not possible to comment on an ongoing investigation.

“My jaw almost hit the ground”

Social media users jumped to Murphy’s defense as soon as they saw the video and expressed shock. One user wrote, “Wow……hope all is well.” Another user said: “I should spend the rest of the cruise in the brig.” “We were in the audience for this and my jaw nearly hit the ground…I’m sorry not only to you but to the poor woman and kids who saw it all,” one wrote. “It makes me angry,” said another. “What happened !?” said a shocked user.

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