“This is really toxic bro”: FaZe Banks calls Adin Ross and begs him to stop streaming

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Social media users are applauding FaZe Banks for his efforts as he recently called out Adin Ross and asked him to stop acting on camera.

Ross is known, among other things, for streaming for hours on end. Based on his most recent show, it appears he lost millions of dollars in a short period of time, leading FaZe Banks to make a serious request.

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FaZe Banks and Adin Ross agree to stream

According to the viral video, FaZe Banks contacted Adin Ross and begged him to stop streaming, saying, “Do me a favor, if you keep doing this. Please end your stream.”

Kick, a platform offering a 95-5 split subscription, has been criticized for its association with Stake.com and online gambling.

Ross is just one of the site’s main streamers who has sponsored cryptogambling casino deals that have attracted widespread criticism, including xQc and Nickmercs.

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Faze Banks had to call Adin Ross to end the stream because he was going through something and losing millions gambling pic.twitter.com/Pyjf4zt4Dj

— FearBuck (@FearedBuck) November 20, 2023

It seems his friend FaZe Banks saw his recent gaming session on the platform and begged him to stop streaming after losing a few million dollars.

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FaZe Banks added, “I’m begging you, I’m begging you, I’m begging you. These motherfuckers, they’re watching you, they love you. But they don’t know what’s going on in your life right now moment and it’s really, really toxic, bro. Friend to friend.”

“Adin, let’s talk about this off-stream. Let’s call time and take a breath, bro. You lost an absurd amount of money. I know you don’t want to hear this out loud. But, you’ve had a Really crazy week the last few days,” said the concerned friend.

In response, Ross exclaimed, “This shit doesn’t make things better, at all.” Afterwards, FaZe Banks said: “Obviously no, that’s what happens in times like this. Like, shit gets out of hand. »

Internet Reacts to FaZe Banks Asking Adin Ross to Stop Playing

After seeing the viral video of the two content creators interacting, social media users came forward to share their views, with some speculating that Adin Ross might have lost $11 million that day because of gambling.

One said: “He lost 11 meters in the space of 8 hours. »

Another thanked FaZe Banks, writing, “Banks is one of the realest, he needed help before he knew what it felt like and now he can show his love where it’s needed.”

Another remarked: “Banks was a real one man and he needed someone to tell him to stop gambling and get his mind right.” »

He lost 11 minutes in 8 hours

– Ghhhh (@Ghhhh94386862) November 20, 2023

Banks is one of the realest men around. He needed help before he knew what it felt like and now he can show his love where it’s needed.

– Myol (@MyolLife) November 20, 2023

Banks, a real one man, needed someone to tell him to stop gambling and get his mind right.

— vrewls (@officialvrewls) November 20, 2023

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