THE WEEK IN ONLYFANS: hot cops, fired teachers, World Cup dreams and a love of horses

Whether you agree or not, we have to admit that OnlyFans has been a game-changer in the world of influencers. This weekly special feature will chart the highs and lows of some of the platform’s biggest celebrities throughout the week as they take it off while keeping it on.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The stars of OnlyFans are slowly but surely becoming mainstream celebrities in their own right. Despite facing the social stigma and relentless judgment of their craft, content creators are taking on the world – tackling one obstacle at a time – while making a fortune in the process. Critics often tend to dehumanize X-rated stars and overlook their struggles, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. This week in OnlyFans saw stories of personal redemption, poetic justice, childhood dreams and unbridled charity.

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Teacher Calls Cops On OnlyFans’ Mom At Son’s Hockey Game

OnlyFans siren Sara Blake is making waves with her raunchy videos and warning parents about how unconventional career choices can lead to discrimination. She has now revealed how a Christian teacher started hurling insults at her during her son’s recent hockey game in Florida.

The heated confrontation eventually resulted in cops being called to the scene, but it was the OnlyFans mother who had the final say. “I was watching my son’s last hockey game, I was swore at by another mother on the team (a Christian teacher) who yelled f**king b***h at me in the stands repeatedly “, wrote Blake on Twitter.

Things seem to be going in circles! I was watching my son’s last hockey game, I was insulted by another mother on the team (Christian school teacher) who yelled at me several times in the stands, and the policeman she sent after leaving the rink, decided to flirt…

— Sara Blake Cheek (@saracheeky1) February 27, 2023

In a chat with Daily Star, the voluptuous model recalled how the enraged educator would talk to the team of nine-year-olds, telling them they suck. “I had to correct her and use my sports knowledge to try to help her understand that at this age it’s all about training,” she said. “It opened a Pandora’s box because her immediate response was to say ‘you’re a fucking fucking bitch’ out loud over and over again. She screamed it, tried to get up in my face and while screaming the abuse, she covered her little girl’s ears.

The teacher was eventually forced out of the stands, but on the way out she asked a police officer to escort Blake out of the game. However, it was too late since the responding agent had already befriended the model’s “hot mom group”. He eventually ended up flirting with the mothers, who apparently asked him to handcuff them and they made TikTok videos together.

Teacher sacked for joining OnlyFans applauds as she reveals eye-watering earnings

It’s important to note that teachers aren’t always the bad guys. Sarah Juree was inspired to join OnlyFans in June last year after her friend said she made $10,000 in a month. However, she was fired after her risque photos were revealed to her employer. Although she lost her job, the former teacher seems to have had the last laugh. Speaking to Insider, Juree recalled that she made $55,000 a year as a teacher, but raised over $58,000 in just six months on the subscription platform.

Additionally, Juree also uses her credentials as a former teacher to star in some of her subscribers’ fantasies. “In order to increase my income, I have found a niche by leaning into the teacher fantasy that many of my fans seem to have. I do this by offering exclusive newsletters where I rate their manhood and give away “Miss Sarah” to loyal fans,” she told the outlet.

Juree also sells her panties to customers. “The most I’ve made in a month is $17,000,” she revealed, adding, “Being an OnlyFans model has largely been a positive experience, but I’ve been dragged down by many internet trolls who tried to humiliate and shame me after I was fired.”

The OnlyFans sensation aspires to be a linesman at the World Cup

Debora Peixoto dreams of becoming a linesman at the FIFA World Cup one day because her ambitions are not confined to the four walls of her bedroom. The Brazilian model and influencer reportedly has already started training and believes she can reach the top of the sport if she puts her mind to it.

Debora hopes that her OnlyFans activity will not prove to be an obstacle in the future. Anyway, she has already started her journey by signing up with Federacao Mineira de Futebol, which oversees football in the state of Minas Gerais. The model’s World Cup aspirations took shape after three female referees took charge of matches at the 2022 tournament in Qatar last year. “My biggest dream is to referee the main derbies in the country,” she said, as quoted by Marca. “Who knows, maybe one day I could referee a World Cup, it would be perfect.”

According to the Brazilian bombshell, she wants to realize her dreams mainly because she is “a woman and because it is a predominantly male sport, when women try to enter it it generates distrust. And secondly, I produce content for OnlyFans and people think that just because I’m there, I can’t understand various topics or enjoy doing other things,” she explained. Debora is a huge fan of Brazilian club Flamengo and has even posed in the team’s colors on social media.

OnlyFans animal activist uses racy photos to fund horse sanctuary

An OnlyFans star, known to fans as a “sexy cowgirl”, is reportedly using the money she earns from her naughty snaps to fund a horse sanctuary. Elena Larrea runs Cuacolandia, a rescue center in the Mexican state of Puebla that cares for and houses abused horses.

The animal lover previously relied heavily on donations to cover the costs of food, vet appointments, medication and cleaning. However, donations reportedly dried up at the onset of the Covid pandemic in 2020. The center reportedly costs around 100,000 pesos (~$5,426) to operate per month, leaving Elena desperately looking for other sources of income. At some point, she came across OnlyFans. She created an account on the website stating that 100% of her earnings go to her sanctuary. The model reportedly charges her followers $7.50 to sign up.

Elena’s prayers have been answered. She was able to keep Cuacolandia afloat during the pandemic. Plus, the extra money even helped her expand her business. “Everything that is generated in OnlyFans and on these platforms will go to horses and that’s how I was able to change places, buy food, collect horses and everything; that’s how we moved forward “, had previously declared the beauty to Milenio. “We save equines from all kinds of mistreatment and abandonment. We have horses from the Acapulco grilles, horses from the garbage cans, abandoned, abused or who have had very terrible stories and here we offer them a home where they can rest and retire with dignity,” Elena added.

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