‘The View’ Features Ana Navarro’s ‘Best Night Out’ in Miami With Ricky Martin and Leaves Fans Jealous

MIAMI, FLORIDA: “The View” host Ana Navarro recently spent an exciting weekend in the city of Miami with her friends to attend the “Trilogy Tour” featuring rapper Pitbull, singers Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias.

The host shared extracts from her stay there and part of it was spent backstage where she met the artists of the evening, notably Martin, who is her favorite.

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Navarro’s fans couldn’t help but be jealous of his ability to get close to the Puerto Rican singer.

Ana Navarro fights with Eva Longoria over Ricky Martin

Ana Navarro and Eva Longoria argue Ricky Martin (@ananavarrofl/Instagram)
Ana Navarro and Eva Longoria playfully fight over Ricky Martin (@ananavarrofl/Instagram)

Navarro was joined by his friend and actress Eva Longoria during his weekend in Miami, including the concert.

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Navarro’s lengthy caption reflected the fun she had in Miami.

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It read: “Lord this weekend was a lot of Livin La Vida Loca. We had THE BEST NIGHT! Went to see @ricky_martin, @pitbull & @enriqueiglesias on the ‘Trilogy Tour’ in Miami. Please This is your “

“The View” host continued to gush, saying, “Ricky made us dance to every song. Pitbull had us jumping up and down. It’s hard to believe, but Ricky has been on stage for 40 years! And Pitbull has done a lot to elevate the sound of Miami, and they’re both doing a ton of good in the world through their foundations.

Giving context to one of the photos posted, the host revealed that she playfully fought with Longoria over Martin.

Her caption read: “Eva and I then fought over Ricky. And yes, this is the 🐐, Serena Williams, who knew every word to every song in English and Spanish. Chacha missed this one and gives me the ‘cold shoulder this morning.’

She also wrote, “Oh wait. We ended the night at a Mexican restaurant, gobbling down tacos and flautas. By the time I got there, @jencarlosmusic was sitting there with Eva, drinking @casadelsoltequila. Go to Eva’s page for these BC stories. I was too tired to take pictures at the time. Today we’re going to be intellectuals and go to the @miamibookfair. Miami is seriously so much fun during this time of the year!”

Fans jealous of Ana Navarro’s friendship with Ricky Martin

Navarro’s supporters flooded his comments with wanting to be in his shoes.

“I want to be part of your group of friends!” one comment read: “You know how to have fun!!”

One angry follower wrote: “Shut up!!!!!!!!! I love you and I’m jealous!!!!!!! There’s only one person I love more that you… yeah, Ricky.” Another agreed and wrote: “One word, JEALOUS!! »

One follower had a different preference and commented: “With all due respect you can fight for Ricky all night, I’ll take Pitbull any time!”

Another comment read: “I loved this photo of you and Eva fighting over Ricky, you crack me up Ana, I love everything about you, you are hysterically funny!”

One fan also wrote, “Next time let me know you’ll be there and we’ll meet again and I can hug Ricky Martin like you did! 🤣🤣I’m jealous!”

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