“The Last Romantic”: Kanye West fans troll Bianca Censori’s friends for their stage intervention

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Bianca Censori returned to Australia last week without her husband Kanye West. It’s the first time she’s returned home since marrying the 46-year-old rapper in a private ceremony in December 2022.

According to the Daily Mail, Censori’s close friends and family in Australia staged an anti-Western “intervention” on her behalf while her husband controlled her life. According to reports, her friends eventually “managed to reach her.”

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West allegedly took control of his architect wife by imposing a set of rules on her life, including what foods she could eat and what she wore, and he also asked her to “never speak.”

Kanye West reportedly controls every aspect of Bianca Sensori's life since their marriage (@bianca.censori_official/Instagram)
Kanye West reportedly controls every aspect of Bianca Sensori’s life since their marriage (@bianca.censori_official/Instagram)

Those close to Bianca Censori say she is aware of Kanye West’s ‘controlling ways’

Censori’s visit to her hometown would have given those close to her the opportunity to confront her and make her aware of West’s actions. A source told the Daily Mail that his friends told him to “wake up”.

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According to reports, the 28-year-old Yeezy Architect has been spending some family time with his parents, Leo and Alexandra, and sister Angeline. She took advantage of the Marquis of Lorne bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne, on November 10 and partied until closing time.

She also reunited with two of her longtime girlfriends for the first time after secretly marrying West. Censori had previously criticized her friends for being “jealous” of her newfound fame when they told her how West was manipulating her into becoming the “radicalized” version of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

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“Everyone is happy to finally get through to Bianca,” the source said.

“Her friends let her know exactly how they felt and told her she needed to wake up. She knows she’s shut out those closest to her, and she’s also starting to see through the smoky mirrors of her marriage.” , added the source.

Bianca Censori's friends think she has started to see the reality of her married life with Kanye West (@kanyewgst/Instagram)
Bianca Censori’s friends think she has started to see the reality of her married life with Kanye West (@kanyewgst/Instagram)

The source added that Censori is finally “aware of Kanye’s controlling methods” and is “starting to see things from an outsider’s perspective.”

During Censori’s visit to his hometown, West traveled to Dubai with his daughter North West, who he has with Kardashian.

Kanye West fans troll Bianca Censori’s friends’ anti-West confrontation

The rapper’s fans are trolling those close to Censori, who apparently confronted her to make her aware of her husband’s negative influence on her. Social media users said his friends were too involved in Censori’s married life.

One user said: “Kanye is the latest romantic.”

Kanye is the last romantic

– Surya 🎯 (@suryasparrowOF) November 13, 2023

Another user said: “Friends curious about the adult business. Let’s go… “

Curious friends in the adult business. Here we go…

– Liberal Latte (@Come_Oon_Man) November 13, 2023

“Huh? People hate it when you’re happy lol, it’s okay to move away from your family,” a third user said.

Eh ? People hate it when you’re happy lol, it’s okay to move away from your family

– oooooevol (@sunflow22747062) November 13, 2023

“Why?? She’s not allowed to marry?” » asked one user.

For what?? She doesn’t have the right to marry?

— ……….. (@1Jimmybr0wn) November 13, 2023

Another said her friends were a “bunch of haters.”

A bunch of haters

— The Sultan of Swat (@blackheart_dave) November 13, 2023

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