The Kapil Sharma Show episode of March 12, 2023: Zwigato launches Shahana Goswami Nandita Das on TKSS

Here we are going to share an update written about the most famous show TKSS. This show runs with the great TRP on television. This is a comedy show, which runs with the great TRP on television. This show caught the attention of the public. This show is exceptional and a comedy show. This show created a good name in the world because many people watched it. Kapil Sharma is the host of the show and he is a famous personality among people. Here we will share all the highlights of the show. Let’s continue the article.

The Kapil Sharma show

According to the promotional videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. Kapil Sharma will host famous personality Rajiv Thakur, Shahana Goswami, Nandita Das and show host Kapil Sharma as well as one and only, Chota Bhaijaan, AKA Abdu Rozik. They will enjoy the show as all the characters in the comedy are amazing in their acting skills. They have created amazing work in the show. All the actors are amazing. The guest will enjoy his comedy moment and it will be very interesting to watch. We will give you all the details about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

Aaj raat 9:30 baje, #SonyEntertainmentTelevision by #TheKapilSharmaShow mein, lekar aapke dil ka address team #Zwigato aa rahi hai entertainment se karne aapko impress! ❤️@kapilsharmaK9 #ShahanaGoswami #NanditaDas #RajivThakur @kikusharda #TKSS

— Sonytv (@SonyTV) March 12, 2023

Based on the report, Kapil Sharma, the lead role in the film, is coming as a guest but will roast Rajiv Thakur for not being such a good host. You will see this exciting moment in the series when Kapil Sharma, the lead role in the movie Zwigato, comes as a guest. The show will air as Nandita DasShahana, and the TKSS team is roasting Rajiv Thakur as the show’s host. You will see that the show host Kapil will use his sense of humor to promote his upcoming show and crack outstanding jokes and make people laugh. Scroll down the page to read more about the news.

Moreover, Kapil Sharma says he asked the creator why she gave him this role and she answered strangely and he is still confused whether it was a compliment or an insult. And the answer was that his face is a common face. Everyone laughs at his joke. Other than that, we know that Kapil is an outstanding comedian, who is doing a great job in his life. He’s also an amazing singer and actor. Stay connected for more news.

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