The internet sides with a woman in her argument with her husband’s friend over ‘stinky sofa’ sleepovers

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netizens have backed a woman who wouldn’t let her guest sleep on the couch where her pet dogs usually sleep. The script was published by Original Poster (OP), u/TieFriendly107, in the popular “Am I The A**hole?” from Reddit. forum where it received over 7,000 upvotes and over 2,000 comments.

The Reddit post titled “AITA for not letting my guest sleep on the couch because that’s my dogs’ place?” The OP wrote describes the ordeal, the guest who is her best friend’s husband and her husband’s close friend ‘was kicked out of his house for being an idiot and asked if he could stay the night with us”.

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“Bob was complaining about the air mattress”

Then, the OP detailed the scenario: “We have a comfortable sofa bed in our living room, where our dogs sleep. They had separate dog beds in the past, but they hated it so they sleep on the sofa. Because of that I told Bob he could have the air mattress, he asked if he could sleep on the couch instead and I said no, because that’s where the dogs sleep. Bob didn’t like it, but agreed.

‘AITA’ discussion on Reddit (Reddit)

That’s when the story went south and OP said: “This morning Bob was complaining about the air mattress deflating overnight and was so uncomfortable he barely slept all night (I checked and the mattress was fine.) He also made a few sarcastic comments to the dogs and to me. My husband wants us to apologize to Bob for having him sleep on the airbed. AITA?”

“Bob is terribly rude”

A support user blamed Bob for his stinky attitude, “It seems a bit silly to have a whole fold that you can’t use for its intended purpose on occasion because dogs love it. That said, Bob is terribly rude to people doing him a favor then NTA.” While another agreed and wrote: “Idk OP dogs but I’d bet the money they’d probably join Bob on the couch. Also I’d 100% choose an airbed over a sofa bed EVERY time. Sofa beds are notoriously uncomfortable. NTA btw, Bob can get over himself and his little passive-aggressive routine is useless.”

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Another sided with the OP, “I wonder what kind of bad behavior got Bob kicked out in the first place. OP, I see that as a mixed blessing. Yeah, it’s horrible that this person you mattress, even though he didn’t have to sleep in a car or shelter. However, at least he was uncomfortable enough that he left as soon as possible and that this one time doesn’t turn into a residence for Choosy Bob. NTA. Another user criticized Bob’s behavior: “I mean I bet that sofa smells like dog, I wouldn’t want to sleep on it anyway. And you know, it belongs to the dog. Imagine going to someone’s house and asking to sleep on the dog’s bed. Agreed that Bob is rude.

Reddit talk (Reddit)

Reddit talk (Reddit)

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