The internet rubs shoulders with a woman who kept her in-laws in the dark about her pregnancy despite her husband’s ‘hurt’

Having a baby is a special time for any couple, and most often the first people we tell about pregnancy are our families. However, one couple chose to keep their family in the dark and posted their dilemma on Reddit’s AITA platform, where they received several notices from a swarm of Redditors. The user, who is pregnant, found out about her pregnancy in December but hadn’t told anyone until recently.

The news was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by his family, with whom the couple are very close and often vacation together. However, the husband’s estranged family keep their distance and choose to be mean whenever they meet for awkward Thanksgiving dinners. “They don’t like my husband and have told me to leave him and run away since I got together with him (he was badly depressed at the time and had no goals – he’s very different now but they still resent him years later),” she said, of her husband’s family.

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The couple had previously suffered a miscarriage

The couple had been pregnant once before and had lost the child, and the reception to the news from the husband’s side of the family was cool at best. “None of his family was excited [about the pregnancy] and when they found out we had a miscarriage, they said it was “for the best”. So this time, I really don’t care if they know. I don’t care to tell them. I don’t like them as people and I certainly don’t like the way they treat my husband.

Given their extreme indifference to the couple, the woman announced the pregnancy to her own family in an elaborate announcement that required a large amount of meticulous planning and suggested a Facebook post to announce the pregnancy to her husband. However, it did not go well with the husband. “He asked why my family got a special announcement but not his and I said ‘we can do a special announcement if you want but I don’t see the point because they won’t be excited and they get away with it. will laugh, just like the first time. ‘I wasn’t trying to be dismissive about it, but I guess I’m kinda on the same side because his family aren’t good people,’ the post had posted. She goes on to say that her husband has been hurt by her “disdain” for her family, while she’s not happy that he’s turned their pregnancy announcement into a hold for her family’s approval.

What are the Redditors saying?

While users seem to sympathize with the wife’s treatment of her husband’s family, they seem to dislike how the husband was not consulted in his decision. “It’s not about your in-laws. It’s about your husband and how proud he is to be a father and wants to tell his family in a special way. Just like how you had your moment and felt special, he wants the same,” one user had commented.

Another user had asked her to go through an elaborate announcement so that the husband’s family reacted as she had planned and her husband could finally see that it was a waste of time. “Even if it hurts, sometimes you have to let people do something you don’t agree with until they realize and accept the reality. OP should let it be and be there to support it when everything goes as planned,” the user had said. A third user had completely sided with the OP, saying he wouldn’t want to waste his breath with people who coldly rejected his miscarriage. “I wouldn’t be not frankly having to interact with someone who thought it was okay to tell me my miscarriage was “for the best,” the user said.

Another user also sided with the wife, acknowledging her efforts to protect her husband from further injury. “I think her husband is blinded by hope and family and OP sees clearly that these people will not be a part of their lives and will not change. She protects her husband. “I think you should let your husband do what he wants, if he wants to plan a party to announce the birth of your child let it be. It seems important for him to at least try,” said another user, taking the husband’s side and urging the poster to give the husband’s family the benefit of the doubt.

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