The internet hails the man’s decision to leave his estate to his daughters and not his ‘wonderful wife’

A husband’s revelation about wanting his estate for his children rather than his wife has been well supported by netizens. The script was posted by Sorry-Sky4531 in the popular Reddit sub-category “Am I the asshole?” where it received 3,000 upvotes and nearly 800 comments.

In a Reddit post titled “AITA for wanting my estate for my children instead of my wife?” The original poster, 32, which features a 30-year-old wife and two young children, describes the storyline: “I get monthly royalties on a few very popular novels written in the 1990s. The author is one of my great- deceased uncles. and I happen to inherit part of his estate after his death. I won’t disclose the amount of the royalties as it might limit me, but I will say it’s comparable to what my friend wins as a doctor.

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“She can keep all the property of the community”

The OP continued to write, “I didn’t spend the money I received on royalties, but instead invested it for the benefit of my children.” “In my state, the law says that I can bequeath half of the community property and all of my separate property to whomever I want without having to worry about an elective share claim. I have decided to bequeath my property separate – the separate book rights and separate investments – to my daughters. She can keep all the community assets,” he added.

The PO went on to claim that his “wonderful” wife was adamant about keeping her legacy private, so he did the same as per her request, “My wife is a wonderful woman and we’ve built a great life together. But before me inheriting my great-uncle’s estate, she had insisted on keeping her own legacies separate Since she set the standard, I don’t feel like deviating from that now that it would be in her favor to He wrote the will so that the inheritance would not flow out of his family: “In addition to that, if my wife remarries, I would not want her new family — any other child than she might have — inherit the I want them to stay in my family. I wrote and notarized my will the other day and told her what would be in it. But she was upset by what I have done.

The verdict is in

Many Reddit users backed the OP for her decision, while one wrote, “She gets all the community assets. She split her legacy from your shared funds. Kids I guess , are both yours and hers. You told her about it when you did. You didn’t lie/hide it to her. You did it all for the sake of her children. Honestly, I don’t know not what his problem could be. NTA.”

Another support user added: “Yeah I’ve seen so many posts on this sub and others about kids getting screwed when their parent remarries after the other parent dies. The bereavement does fun things to people you hope your spouse does the right thing but you never know Even something as simple as a heirloom cookbook has upset families on this sub lol OP did what I had to, and if I were his wife, I’d be all right with that.

Someone wrote, on the OP side, “It’s not really comparable to a prenuptial agreement. It doesn’t provide for the breakdown of the marriage. It provides for her death. Assuming she remarries, this which she would have every right to do, he wants his royalty family to stay with his daughters. I don’t see the problem here.

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