‘The Challenge’ star Nelson Thomas happy to be alive after fiery car crash

Recently, TV star Nelson Thomas took to his social media handle and shared gruesome photos and videos from the scene of his accident which he thankfully survived. Apparently, The Challenge star shared a series of images and videos from the accident on Instagram on March 14, 2023. Meanwhile, his fans and admirers were left horrified after looking at photos of his burning car. This story makes noise on social networks and encourages Internet users to search for the details of his accident. If you are also looking for more detailed information about this story, this is the right place for you. Here, we have explored this story in detail. So be faithful to this page and must read the next section. Scroll down the page.

Nelson Thomas

Ever since netizens looked at the photos and videos of Nelson Thomas’ accident, they have been shocked whether Nelson Thomas is alive or not. First, we debunk all Nelson Thomas death rumors. He is still alive. Nelson Thomas survived this horrible accident, thank God. But he suffered burns which he showed in photos shared on Instagram. Apparently, The Challenge star shared a series of accident photos from the hospital bed. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Apparently, Nelson Thomas broke his leg in the accident. The second slide of his post was a video that shows his car engulfed in flames and burning on the road. As far as we know, this horrible accident took place on March 5th. The Challenge star also expressed his gratitude to some people who rescued him from a burning car by putting their lives on the line to save him. Nelson Thomas wrote a long caption to thank the people who saved his life. Take a look below for the caption to his post.

Nelson Thomas wrote: “I was involved in a car accident. I want to thank kJ: @kj_osborn_ @nfl @vikings for being on the scene and filming my rescue. I am eternally grateful to Abdulmejied Hairedin: @_abdu6435, Rita: @Afri_qveen and Arthur: @Arthur_1er. For pulling me out of a burning vehicle, risking their lives to save mine. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to be alive. God is truly great and he has you in his hands no matter who you are. I’m in a good mood and I’m getting stronger. It will be a long road to recovery, but to my fans, friends and family, keep me in your prayers. Currently, Nelson is on the verge of recovering from his injury. He needs your wishes to recover quickly. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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