Texas women Maritza Rios, Marina Rios and Dora Saenz disappear from Mexican flea market

PENITAS, TEXAS: Three Texas women, who entered Mexico two weeks ago, are still missing. Penitas Police Chief Roel Bermea said Friday, March 10 that his department is in contact with the families of the missing women and Mexican authorities directly involved in the investigation. Maritza Rios and Marina Rios, along with their friend Dora Saenz, had traveled to Mexico last month to sell clothes at a flea market, according to US authorities.

In addition, four Americans were recently kidnapped in Mexico. Since the incident was captured on video last week, the issue was resolved within days after receiving a huge response online. According to Bermea, US Customs and Border Protection reported that the three women crossed into Mexico on February 24. The town of Penitas is only a few hundred meters from the Rio Grande River. The small border town’s police chief says the husband of one of the women called her and was able to communicate with her by phone while she was traveling to Mexico, but grew concerned after he failed to log in later. “As he was unable to get in touch over the weekend, he contacted us on Monday and filed a complaint,” Bermea said.

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They were driving a mid-1990s green Chevy Silverado

After crossing Mexico, the women were unreachable. The police chief described their vehicle as a mid-1990s green Chevy Silverado that they took to the flea market in the town of Montemorelos in the state of Nuevo Leon. It is believed to be a three-hour drive from the border and the investigation team has been looking into the case since Monday March 6. For the four Americans abducted, Mexican soldiers and National Guard troops participated in a large operation, according to York Post’s New Reportage.

At least 112,000 Mexicans are currently missing nationwide

However, it is reported that 112,000 Mexicans are missing across the country and no one is looking for them except some of their desperate relatives. Other factors that have tied the hands of the Mexican authorities are their lack of manpower, equipment and training. The situation in Mexico is so much worse that the department has no resources to even identify the bodies found in the tens of thousands in the country.

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