Taylor Swift’s ‘Informal’ Searches for ‘Witchcraft’ Claims Go Viral as Swifties Swoon

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Beloved pop sensation Taylor Swift is no stranger to controversy, but her recent Instagram post has stoked a cauldron of new accusations.

In a post on Instagram, the icon uploaded a video with the caption “Never defeat witchcraft allegations”, sparking much discussion among netizens.

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Taylor Swift Posts Message of Appreciation for Her Beloved Fans

However, this isn’t the first time the “Lover” singer has addressed witchcraft allegations.

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Taylor Swift took to Instagram to congratulate her fans (Getty Images)

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In a snap shared on social media on Oct. 19, the 33-year-old singer wrote: “What a truly stunning thing you turned into The Eras Tour concert film. I’ve watched videos of you in theaters dancing, prancing around and recreating choreography, creating inside jokes, casting spells, getting engaged, and generally creating just the exact type of joyous mayhem we’re known for.

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Although Swifties rejoiced at the recognition for their creative efforts, not everyone joined in the celebration. Kandiss Taylor, a former fan, took issue with the mention of “casting spells” and quickly voiced her disagreement on X, the social network formerly known as Twitter.

“Did you really just congratulate your fans for making videos with your music and ‘casting spells’ @taylorswift13?” Kandiss questioned in her tweet. “What’s wrong with you? Other people who attended that last tour told me you had satanic nods in your show. I didn’t want to believe it.”

Did you really praise your fans for making videos with your music and “casting spells” @taylorswift13? What’s wrong with you?
I was a fan from day one and loved how much you grew in your singing ability. I love that you write your own music. My daughter grew up…

— Kandiss Taylor (@KandissTaylor) October 19, 2023

Kandiss Taylor criticizes Taylor Swift

Kandiss, a former Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, described herself as a “Christian” and a “Jesus Army” in her biography.

Identifying herself as a “day one fan”, Kandiss accused Swift of celebrating witchcraft and expressed deep disappointment, questioning Swift’s alignment with Christianity.

“I know you claim to love Jesus. I know you claim to be a Christian,” Kandiss added. “Now you have not only drifted and backslidden. You are influencing innocent minds to be seduced by the dark side of spirituality. I am so beyond disappointed.”

She warned Swift that her success was a divine gift and warned of the consequences of turning to what she perceived as the “dark side”.

“You have been given a HUGE platform,” Kandiss said. “This didn’t happen by chance. God breathed on this. He can withdraw his hand and leave you to witchcraft and your own devices. Let’s see how much Lucifer cares about you or your career. I promise. He doesn’t.”

Internet users react

One user tweeted: “TAYLOR SWIFT WITCH CONFIRMED.” Another added: “And we never deny cult allegations.” A third tweeted: “Singer, songwriter, director, witch doctor.”

“YOU ARE A BRAIN,” one tweet read. “TAYVOODOO IS REAL,” chimed in another.


– ۟ (@erastourticks) November 13, 2023


– SpotifySwiftie (@SpotifySwiftie) November 13, 2023


– Taylor Swift Brazil (@taylorswiftbr) November 13, 2023

and we never beat cult allegations

– ۟ (@erastourticks) November 13, 2023

singer 🎤 songwriter ✍️ director 🎬 doctor 🩺wizard 🪄 🩵

– Pamela 💙🩵🌊☀️ (@tisthepamseason) November 13, 2023

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