Taylor Swift News Diary: Pop Star Sends Fans Into A Frenzy With First Public Kiss With Travis Kelce

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Swifties Troll Joe Alwyn After Taylor Swift’s Viral Kiss With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift was spotted hugging and kissing Travis Kelce (@PopCrave/X video screenshot)
Taylor Swift was seen hugging and kissing Travis Kelce (@PopCrave /X)

Swift sent fans into a frenzy after running up to her new beau Travis Kelce at the end of her second Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires and kissing the NFL star before stealing a passionate kiss.

As video of Swift hugging and kissing Kelce backstage went viral, several “Swiftties” took to social media to troll the pop star’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, comparing her presence “without emotion” to Swift’s Reputation tour to that of Kelce’s beloved. appearance at the Eras Tour.

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: Taylor Swift fans troll Joe Alwyn after Travis Kelce hug, but maybe they should think again

Travis Kelce wows fans with iconic Taylor Swift vocals on Eras tour

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Travis Kelce sang “Ole Ole Ole” for Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce sang “Ole Ole Ole” for Taylor Swift (@PopBase/X)

Kelce has won over Swift’s fans in a big way, not only by traveling to Argentina to support the pop star on the Latin American leg of her Eras tour, but also by singing for Swift at her recent concert in Buenos Aires.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was seen chanting “Ole Ole Ole” before shouting “Taylor Taylor” alongside the crowd at the Estadio River Plate concert after Swift mentioned her nominations for Grammy Awards 2024.

: Taylor Swift fans hail ‘best moment of Eras tour’ as Travis Kelce joins in with iconic chant

Taylor Swift Changes ‘Karma’ Lyrics in Viral Travis Kelce Tribute

Taylor Swift went viral (@swifferupdates/X)
Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma is the Chiefs Guy’ Moment Goes Viral (@swifferupdates/X)

In a viral moment from Swift’s second night in Buenos Aires, the pop star changed a single lyric from her hit “Karma” to pay tribute to her new pal Kelce.

Fans had a collective meltdown when Swift sang, “Karma’s the Chiefs guy, he’s coming straight to my house,” to declare her love for the Chiefs star.

: ‘So happy for them’: Internet is abuzz as Taylor Swift changes ‘Karma’ lyrics to declare her love for Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce holds a ‘We Will Stay’ fan sign during Taylor Swift’s ‘The Archer’ performance

Travis Kelce held up a
Travis Kelce held up the “We Will Stay” sign during Taylor Swift’s “The Archer” performance (@swifferupdates/X)

Kelce was nicknamed “Swiftie” from head to toe after he was spotted holding the “We Will Stay” fan sign during Swift’s performance of “The Archer” during her second Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires.

The Super Bowl champion joined the Swifties as part of a concert tradition of fans holding up the “We Will Stay” sign as Swift sings the line “Who Could Stay” from her song “The Archer.”

: Internet Calls Travis Kelce Head-to-Toe ‘Swiftie’ As He Holds ‘We Will Stay’ Fan Sign During Taylor Swift Concert

Footage of Taylor Swift being escorted by security after Buenos Aires show goes viral

A video of Taylor Swift being escorted out of the stadium after her first Eras Tour concert in Buenos Aires has gone viral (@TheSwiftSociety/X)

A video of Swift being escorted out of the stadium in a long convoy of heavy security including several cars and bikers on motorcycles after the end of her first Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires has gone viral online.

The clip also showed traffic at a standstill on the side of a road as Swift left her concert venue. The internet was impressed by the treatment Swift received in Argentina and even compared her position and security to that of a country’s president.

: “You’d think she was president”: Internet impressed by Taylor Swift’s safety after Buenos Aires show

Taylor Swift Shows Travis Kelce Singing “Blank Space” and Leaves Fans Thrilled

Taylor Swift pointed at Travis Kelce while singing “Blank Space” (@taylorstightend/X)

In another viral moment from Swift’s second Eras Tour concert in Buenos Aires, the pop star was reportedly seen pointing at Kelce while shouting the line “’cause you know I like players” from her hit hit “Blank Space”.

Although Swift’s lyrics were not originally written in reference to Kelce, the pop star gave new meaning to the phrase by linking it to Kelce, who is an athlete and plays as a tight end for the Chiefs .

: Fans delight in Travis Kelce’s reaction as Taylor Swift points at him during ‘Blank Space’ performance

Britney Spears praises Taylor Swift and calls her a ‘girl crush’

Britney Spears praised Taylor Swift on Instagram (@BritneySpears/Instagram)
Britney Spears praised Taylor Swift on Instagram (@BritneySpears/Instagram)

Britney Spears recently took to Instagram to praise Swift by sharing photos of the pop star during the former’s “Oops Tour.” “We took a photo and then she became the most iconic pop woman of our generation,” Spears recalls.

The “Princess of Pop” also called Swift a “girl in love” and said, “Pretty cool, she plays stadiums, and I choose her videos over movies any day. She’s gorgeous!!!”

: Fans left in awe as Britney Spears calls Taylor Swift her ‘girl crush’ while sharing photos of first meeting

Bill Maher lashes out at Taylor Swift and the Swifties during ‘Real Time’ monologue

Bill Maher took a dig at Taylor Swift during monologue
Bill Maher took a dig at Taylor Swift during ‘Real Time’ monologue (@RealTime/YouTube)

Bill Maher recently took a dig at Swift and Swifties while discussing the plummeting support for Joe Biden among Black voters during his monologue on “The Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“Trump beats Biden in five out of six cases. And support for Biden among non-white voters fell 33 points. And Democrats can’t win with only white people. Agreed. Although it didn’t hurt to Taylor Swift,” the talk show host said.

: ‘Didn’t hurt Taylor Swift’: Bill Maher weighs in on Swifties while discussing Joe Biden’s plummeting support among black voters

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