Steve Keely: Fox reporter slammed for ‘inhuman’ coverage of Philadelphia crime

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: Fox 29 reporter Steve Keeley has come under fire for his coverage of various crimes in the city. Philadelphia lawmakers and local media criticized him for his reporting, saying he “spreads fear and trauma.”

On Keeley’s Twitter, there are news announcements, crime-related videos, and images of countless cases. His most recent tweet on Sunday March 12 identified the man who was shot and murdered in Deptford on Friday March 10. Despite Philadelphia’s 15,227 violent crime cases in 2022, Keeley was criticized by those who believed his coverage of “black and brown people” was unfair. Cherri Gregg, a WHYY radio reporter who has focused on race, social justice and public affairs issues affecting disadvantaged groups in Philadelphia, spoke out against Keeley’s reporting.

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“It really makes me cringe”

On Facebook, Gregg wrote, “I rarely speak ill of news outlets – BUT Steve Keeley FOX 29 crime coverage – definitely makes me cringe. Crime coverage can be very harmful and scare people. J worked with my fellow Law & Justice Journalism Project board members to train journalists to do better.”

Gregg added: “Our coverage of crime must be community-focused – otherwise it can be harmful, sensational and disproportionate to what is really happening. AND – who is injured?? Blacks and browns – but black communities and black men.

“Sounds like a dog whistle to me”

Councilwoman Jamie Gauthier also condemned Keeley’s crime reporting, calling it “inhumane” and not “helpful”, as reported by Philadelphia Magazine. “It sounds like a dog whistle to me. Its cover can be inhumane. Its taste is not helpful. In fact, it’s harmful,” she said.

Jenice Armstrong, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, also criticized Keeley’s disturbing Twitter feed. Fox 29 insiders told the news agency that Keeley’s reporting had previously been problematic. The insider said, “It’s embarrassing,” according to Philadelphia Magazine.

What is Philadelphia’s current crime rate?

Although Keeley has drawn criticism for his style of reporting, the crime wave that has engulfed Philadelphia in recent years is egregious. Brandon del Pozo, a former New York police officer who is now a researcher at Brown University, found that young men living in the most violent neighborhoods of Chicago and Philadelphia are more likely to be shot than those who served on the most brutal front of the war. lines. His findings were reported in a study published in 2022, according to the Daily Mail.

The study published in December 2022 claimed that the number of gun deaths among young men in the ghettos of these cities was higher than what US troops fighting terrorism have seen. Del Pozo, a former police officer who began his career in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, patrolling the streets, called his findings an “urgent wake-up call” to address the rates of gun crime and murder in the most unpleasant areas.

The Philadelphia Police Department said crime in the city was down slightly as of March 5 from the same time a year earlier in terms of murders, robberies with a firearm and aggravated assaults, according to DailyMail. The number of documented shootings so far in 2023 is around 523, down from 695 at the same time last year. Additionally, fewer gunshot victims were reported this year than last, from 359 to 268.

“Thank you Steve for doing real reporting”

Many Twitter users reacted to Keeley’s reporting style following criticism from Philadelphia lawmakers and local media. One person wrote, “Thank you Steve for real reporting. We’re on your side.” Another person wrote: “Keep up the good work Steve KEELEY.”

A third Keeley supporter wrote, “Steve Keeley is one of the few doing his job in the Philadelphia media.” This other person wrote, “Keeley keep up the great work!!! You won’t be silenced.” Another person wrote: “Spend more time brushing your brown teeth and less time worrying about Steve Keeley.”

Thanks Steve for doing some real reporting. We are with you.

— Jk (@JustinK02860711) March 12, 2023

Keep up the good work Steve KEELEY

— Tabor (@1Adam12seeThe) March 12, 2023

Steve Keeley is one of the few doing his job in the Philadelphia media.

— BrianHarrisPA (@BrianHHarris1) March 12, 2023

@PhillyCrimeUpd @DomShow1210 @NickKayal @KeeleyFox29 Steve Keeley keep up the great work!!! You will not be silenced.

— SSMinow (@ss_minow) March 12, 2023

Spend more time brushing your brown teeth and less time worrying about Steve Keeley.

— Lester Diamond Hands (@lester_hands) March 12, 2023

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