‘Southern Charm’ stars Madison LeCroy and Olivia Flowers sizzle in bikinis on a South Carolina beach

SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: It’s summer already and the bikinis are out! “Southern Charm” stars Madison LeCroy and Olivia Flowers recently enjoyed a sunny day at the beach in their best bikinis. LeCroy wore a blue one-piece, while Flowers wore a white and green two-piece when they were spotted on a beach in South Carolina.

The duo completed their beach outfits with a matching hat and pair of sunglasses, making their summer looks on point. The two were swimming in the water and taking photos on the sand, having the time of their lives. LeCroy was seen carrying a bag of crisps, and Flowers was seen carrying a cooling cooler as they enjoyed cravings.


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LeCroy wore a pair of matching high-waisted gold pants and a gold bikini top. Flowers, meanwhile, wore a black bikini that showed off her toned midriff (Instagram/madisonlecroy)

Were they enemies before?

LeCroy, 32, and Flowers, 30, both dated fellow co-star Austen Kroll. LeCroy wore a pair of matching high-waisted gold pants and a gold bikini top. The actress wore a pair of black sunglasses to cover her eyes. Flowers, meanwhile, was dressed in a timeless black two-piece swimsuit that showed off her toned midriff. During the beach festivities, the two celebs had their blonde hair somewhat tied back.

LeCroy captioned the video,
LeCroy captioned the video, “The friendship you didn’t know you needed” (Instagram/madisonlecroy)

The stars have never been labeled as enemies. But, LeCroy and Flowers shared a few hits initially. Later, they became friends since their first appearance in “Southern Charm” in 2016. They are both well-liked by the audience of the show due to their outspokenness and lively personalities. The two celebrities were also keen to express their support for each other.

What happened between LeCroy, Kroll and Flower?

Most LeCroy fans are aware of his recurring romance with co-star Austen Kroll, 35, of the popular “Southern Charm” series. LeCroy and Kroll had been dating for nearly two years, before calling it quits in 2020. Kroll later began dating Olivia Flowers, whom he dated for about six months. However, since Kroll was not ready to commit, the relationship did not last.

LeCroy and Flowers dated fellow co-star Austen Kroll (Instagram/madisonlecroy)
LeCroy and Flowers dated fellow co-star Austen Kroll (Instagram/madisonlecroy)

“Olivia wanted a relationship, but Austen never really committed,” a source said at the time, according to People. The two women have exchanged public insults from time to time before, without ever being real rivals. Last year, Olivia called Madison “calculated” and said, “I don’t think about her much” while chatting with Us Weekly. Meanwhile, LeCroy remarked that Kroll is “just not husband material,” adding, “He’s not even boyfriend material” in an interview with E News.

According to Page Six, Kroll spent six months dating Green’s friend Olivia Flowers. Green, who dated Kroll’s best friend Shep Rose for two years, said he went much further than kissing with Kroll while filming for a movie together.

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