So, what does Darius Jackson actually do for a living? From actor to “fitness instructor”, no one is really sure

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “Hustlers” actor Keke Palmer has filed for a domestic violence restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and the father of her son, Darius Jackson, according to People on November 9.

In response to the emergency filing, the Los Angeles County judge granted a temporary restraining order against Jackson and also granted Palmer temporary sole custody of their eight-month-old son.

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Under the order, Jackson must stay at least 100 yards away from his former girlfriend and her son.

After dating for two years starting in 2021, the couple split in October 2023 when Palmer accused Jackson of physically assaulting her during the relationship.

(L to R) Darius Daulton Jackson and Keke Palmer attend the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles at Will Rogers State Historic Park on October 2, 2021 in Pacific Palisades, California.
Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson split in October 2023 (Getty Images)

The court proceedings have sparked people’s curiosity about what Jackson actually does for a living.

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Minor Acting Roles at Fitness Instructor, Darius Jackson Has Done It All

Jackson’s livelihood comes from various sources, ranging from small-scale acting roles to being a fitness instructor.

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Jackson, 29, has made some minor appearances on TV shows like “Games People Play” and KeyTV’s “SportsFan.” He was credited under the name Darius Daulton for these projects.

According to IMDb, he is set to play the character of Agent Moyo in the upcoming sci-fi film “Dawn of the Predator” directed by Nimrod Zalmanowitz.

Apart from small on-screen jobs, he is also a fitness instructor at California-based company Inspire Fitness.

According to his biography on the Inspire Fitness website, he comes from a family of athletes.

He focused on football in high school and earned a scholarship to Fresno State University. Later, he also tried his hand at boxing. The website states that Jackson is currently pursuing a career in sports media.

Keke Palmer accuses Darius Jackson of ‘physical and emotional abuse’

Issues between the couple were made public in July when Jackson criticized her for her clothing in a tweet on X (formerly Twitter).

Jackson wasn’t happy with Palmer’s fitted black bodysuit under a sheer dress she wore while watching Usher’s performance at their Las Vegas residency.

Darius Jackson allegedly physically and emotionally abused Keke Palmer (@dvulton/Instagram)

In a statement attached to the court filing obtained by People, Palmer claimed Jackson subjected her to physical and psychological abuse.

According to the filing, there were “numerous instances of physical violence, including beatings and grabbing around the neck, descriptions of Darius destroying my personal property, including diaries and prescription glasses, throwing my belongings into the street , throwing my car keys to prevent me from driving away, hitting me in front of our son, spitting insults about me to our son, threatening suicide with a gun if I left him, harassment and other physical and emotional abuse.

Jackson responded to the restraining order by posting a photo of himself holding his son with the caption: “I love you, son. See you soon.”

I love you son. See you soon.

—Darius. (@dvulton) November 10, 2023

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