“Snake or worm? Woman Asks the Internet for Help in Identifying the Entangled Creature She Found While Cleaning the Pool

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: What could be the worst thing that could happen when cleaning a swimming pool? An Australian woman recently made an unpleasant discovery while on chore when she spotted a tangled creature hiding among leaves floating in the water. Sydney’s mum was completely confused when she found him after opening the pool filter, with other debris also in a mess. It appears the woman had no idea what creature she had found, as she asked Facebook users for help in identifying it by posting it on a community page.

“Snake or worm – or something else?” she asked on the post, and many rushed to respond. While some were convinced it was a snake, one user joked that it was a sneaky eel. The OP then returned to the post and commented that she had posted the photo on a ‘snake ID’ website, where she was told it was a blind and ‘completely harmless’ snake. “. One of the post’s commenters gave some insight into the snake, saying it eats “ants and termites” and can be easily picked up and “released into the garden”.

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“All snakes have the ability to swim”

Serin Subaraj, a Curtin University herpetologist, joined in the discussion on blind snakes. He said he believed the snake fell into the water and grabbed everything it could to stay afloat since it can’t see, according to Yahoo! News. “All snakes have the ability to swim, but species like blind snakes aren’t the best at swimming, so they would cling to anything to stay afloat,” he said.

Are blind snakes dangerous?

Blind snakes are generally non-venomous and lack the ability to bite, which means they are often mistaken for earthworms. This explains the OP’s confusion as to whether the creature was a snake or a worm. Blind snakes are usually pink or gray in color, and they have smooth scales on their bodies that allow them to travel through the ground.

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