Sheetal Mhatre Viral Video: Shiv Sena MLA Prakash Surve Caught Kissing On Camera

A controversy erupted on social media after a video of Shiv Sena MLA Prakash Surve went viral. Yes, a Shis Sena MLA Prakash Surve video is buzzing hugely on the internet and doing huge rounds everywhere. In fact, Prakash Surve’s video is also making noise on news channels. But why? What’s in the video and why is it so trending? Many also curiously take to the internet and search for the video. Reportedly, the short clip is doing huge rounds on social media platforms, especially Twitter. We have described it in detail, so stick with this page and keep reading this article. Swipe the page down and look below.

Viral Video Sheetal Mhatre

Viral Video Sheetal Mhatre

Speaking of the video, the video shows the aforementioned Shiv Sena MLA kissing a female party leader. Yes, you heard right, that’s why MLA Prakash Surve video is making noise on Twitter and other social media sites. Who is the female lead in the video? Apparently, the woman who was kissed by MP Prakash Surve is also a Shiv Sena leader. Please skip to the next section to find out who is the female lead in the video.

राजकारणामधील महिलेसंदर्भात बोलण्यासारखे काही नसले तर तिचे करणे हेच्ध्वस्त्त गटारित__ eref. मातोश्री नावाच्या FB पेजवरुन एका संदर्भात असा असा असा असा morphed video upload करताना बाळासाहेबांचे संस्कार का का?

— sheet mhatre (@sheetalmhatre1) March 11, 2023

Apparently, the viral MLA Prakash Surve video shows that the leader is Sheetal Mhatre. Speaking of the incident, the video shows the MLA Prakash Surve standing up and stepping out of the car’s sunroof during a rally. Prakash Surve stands next to Sheetal Mhatre in the video. Moreover, MLA Prakash leaned over and hugged Sheetal Mhatre a few times and smiled at him. But this incident was not at all appreciated by the public. In fact, MLA Prakash Surve received a huge backlash from the public for their behavior. Is there any response from Sheetal Mhatre and MLA Prakash Surve side? Yes, read it in the next section.

Apparently, MLA Prakash Surve’s family has responded to the viral video and alleges that the video is fake and has been tweaked. The family said the video was manipulated to defame Prakash Surve and damage his political image. However, the video went viral on social media and watched by thousands of people. According to the source, a complaint has been filed at Dahisar police station against two people for the video which allegedly turned to ruin MP Prakash Surve’s political career.

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