Samantha Maldonado: Woman stabbed in Chicago names ex-boyfriend Alejandro Arellano as killer before he died

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: A woman’s ex-boyfriend has been arrested and charged with her murder following a savage stabbing on a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) station platform. Alejandro Arellano, 31, has been arrested for first degree murder in connection with the death of Samantha Maldonado, 26, on Sunday March 12.

Samantha was able to name Alejandro shortly before her last breath. “A key piece of evidence, in this case, came from the victim himself, First Deputy Eric Carter said at a news conference Monday, March 13, ABC7 reported.

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“She named Arellano as the attacker before succumbing to his injuries”

According to Carter, “She (Samantha) named Arellano as the attacker before succumbing to his injuries.” Prosecutors say Arellano and Maldonado, who worked together, had been in a relationship for about six months before calling it quits last week. According to reports, the former couple were seen early Saturday morning, March 11, at Miller’s Pub in Chicago’s Loop neighborhood They were seated in a corner. Maldonado was seen rushing out of the pub with Arellano following her towards 01:20.

Samantha tried to hide from Alejandro on a CTA platform

Samantha attempted to hide from Alejandro on a platform at the CTA station at Wabash Avenue and Adams Street. During the chase captured by surveillance cameras, Arellano pulled a folding knife from his pocket, extended its blade and kept it in his pocket.

Prosecutors say Maldonado tried to board an approaching train while hiding behind a box of CTA equipment, but her ex-boyfriend stopped her by pushing her away from the open doors. The train then left the station, leaving Maldonado and Arellano standing alone on the platform. Prosecutors claim that when Maldonado tried to leave, Arellano allegedly attacked her, as seen on a security camera.

“He grabbed her neck and shoulder and stabbed her several times”

Arellano appeared in court on the Monday afternoon of March 13. WTTW reported. “She was able to get away from the defendant and trip over the steps of the CTA. The defendant stayed on the platform, boarded a train and went home.”

Investigators said Maldonado was bleeding and struggling to breathe when she returned to the street where people gathered to help her. “She named Arellano as the attacker before she succumbed to her injuries,” Carter said. About 14 hours later, Arellano was arrested outside his home and, according to prosecutors, he was wearing the same clothes and had the murder weapon in his pocket. Arellano is being held without bond.

“We are grateful that she was able to share this information primarily,” Maldonado’s cousin told ABC7. “And for us, we’re really grateful to be able to have an answer. It helps the family feel more at peace.” Maldonado’s father immediately flew from Ecuador to Chicago to locate his engineer-trained daughter. “He wanted the best for her, for her dreams,” the victim’s cousin said.

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