Robert and Bindi Irwin are ‘putting their lives in danger’ by their antics with wild animals, friends say

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: Bindi and Robert Irwin’s risky behavior has reportedly angered loved ones, who fear the youngsters could end up hurting themselves. The brother-sister duo seem to be following in their beloved father Steve’s footsteps by frequently engaging in dangerous wildlife encounters at their family’s zoo.

Robert, 19, who is a talented amateur photographer, incites crocodiles to attack while Bindi, 24, brushes his nose with sharp-toothed dingoes and huge pythons, sources close to the family have claimed. “Robert is constantly putting his life on the line with zoo crocodiles and is about to lose a limb,” an insider told Radar Online, adding, “Anything can happen. The animals might hunt, and he might fall backwards. , and no one would be able to save him in time.”


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“Getting too close for comfort”

The insider went on to say that Bindi was just as daring as her younger brother and that she “got a little too close to be comfortable” with snakes and wild dogs, which worried many. people for siblings. Steve, who became a household name in the 90s, tragically died doing something similar in September 2006.

The famous zookeeper and environmentalist has died after a short-tailed ray’s barb pierced his chest while filming a documentary in the Great Barrier Reef. His biographer, Tommy Donovan, previously revealed that the tragedy was taped but never made public. “If he needs help, he’ll ask for it. Even if he gets eaten by a shark or a croc, the main thing he wants is to be caught on camera,” Donovan said, according to Radar Online.

Bindi underwent surgery for endometriosis

These concerns must have cleared up a few days after the ‘Crikey! It was the Irwins star who revealed she underwent ‘scary’ surgery for endometriosis after enduring years of ‘insurmountable’ pain. Bindi, who has one-year-old daughter Grace Warrior with husband Chandler Powell, posted a picture of herself from a hospital bed, revealing what happened while saying she couldn’t live with constant pain.

She also shared that the surgeon at the Seckin Endometriosis Center in New York removed a total of 37 lesions and a “chocolate cyst.” “Dear friends, I have long wondered if I should share this journey with you in such a public space. It comes down to the responsibility I feel to share my story with other women who need help,” Bindi wrote in the caption, adding, “For 10 years I battled fatigue, aches and pains. overwhelming nausea. Trying to stay a positive person and hide the pain has been a very long road. The last 10 years have included many tests, doctor visits, scans, etc.”

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