Pokimane receives backlash for recent comments on Myna Snacks controversy: ‘So out of touch’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Twitch star Imane Anys or simply known as Pokimane recently called out her “broke” fans who criticized the price of her controversial Myna cookies.

For those who disagree, on November 13, streaming sensation Pokimane unveiled her new company “Myna Snacks”, launching healthy chocolate “Midnight Mini Cookies” infused with vitamin D. However, just after a few launch days, Pokimane’s new venture stirred. controversy as fans spotted a nearly identical product at Costco and at a much cheaper price.

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What did Pokimane say?

The 27-year-old professional streamer caught the internet’s attention after responding to those who criticized Myna Snacks’ prices. As a reminder, during a livestream on November 19, 2023, the Moroccan-Canadian personality spoke to people who expressed their dissatisfaction with his $28 snacks.

She said: “I have to say it one last time, it makes my brain explode when people say, ‘Oh my god! $28 for cookies?!’ “It’s four bags. It costs $7 per pack. I know math is hard when you’re an idiot. But if you’re a broke boy, say so. “

The clip was shared by account

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Pokimane responds to criticism of the price of its cookies. ‼️

“If you’re a broke boy, say so” pic.twitter.com/NJIcnGO3HL

– DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) November 19, 2023

The content creator’s use of the term “broke boys” to refer to those who criticized her product took the internet by storm.

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Internet trolls Pokimane for her recent remarks

In just one day after its publication, the tweet containing Pokimane’s remark was viewed nearly 20 million times. One user wrote: “So disconnected, it’s crazy. »

The next user said: “Out of touch 30 year old man charging $7 for a bag of cookies shipped in delivery…but we’re the losers??? Yeah, right”

So disconnected, it’s crazy

— Random Randum (@101Rand0m) November 19, 2023

30 years old, out of touch with reality, charging $7 for a bag of cookies shipped mid-range…but we’re the losers??? Yeah, good pic.twitter.com/eUgDAsc31m

– GOATEDAURA (@niunkonjo) November 19, 2023

One user wrote: “People who actually love Pokimane are in desperate need of a reality check and some self-reflection. Another user said: “Ironic that she’s the one selling overpriced cookies to pay for her lifestyle.” »

People who truly love Pokimane are in desperate need of a reality check and self-reflection.

– Johnny XtreaM Sangvik (@xTREAMx22) November 19, 2023

Ironic that she’s the one selling overpriced cookies to pay for her lifestyle.

— local milkman (@personalmilkman) November 19, 2023

While one user said: ‘No one buys your overpriced, rebranded cookies.’

No one buys your overpriced, rebranded cookies.

– Floé (@whereisFloe) November 19, 2023

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