Pokimane elated as hundreds gather to welcome streamer to ‘World of Warcraft’ guild

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Popular Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane,” simply known as Pokimane to her fans, caused a stir in the “World of Warcraft” community after going live with fellow creators Matthew “Mizkif” and Thomas “Sodapoppin”.

Imane essentially became a member of the One True King streamers’ guild, and hundreds of other members joined in unison to greet her.

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How did Pokimane react?

The variety streamer is best known for playing games such as “Valorant” and “League of Legends.” Pokimane seemed to have evolved a lot since leaving Offline TV earlier this year. The most recent change was that she started playing the very popular multiplayer online game.

The streamer was delighted to see so many players lining up at the side of the road to welcome her to the guild.

After realizing it was other players kneeling in welcome, the Twitch star shouted in excitement saying, “Whoa, who are all these people? I thought they were NPCs. “

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A clip showing the moment was shared on X (formerly Twitter). The video garnered over 100,000 views in just a few hours.

Hundreds of players gathered to welcome Queen @pokimanelol to the World of Warcraft guild 👸🏻 pic.twitter.com/wYvU1wOTBm

– OTK (@OTKnetwork) November 12, 2023

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As a reminder, several popular streamers, such as Mizkif and Emiru, have recently started playing “World of Warcraft Hardcore” on camera.

Fans react to Pokimane’s livestream

The tweet posted by the OTK network’s X account received widespread attention, with several fans commenting on it. One user wrote: “I’m really impressed with how organized the players were compared to any other streamer in the game.”

Another joked: “Three days and she will leave Imao.” Someone else referred to the community as “Gamers.” Meanwhile, one user welcomed Pokimane by writing: “LETS GOOOO!!!! Welcome to the outhouse.”

Comments on Pokimane's stream (@otknetwork/Twitter)
Comments on Pokimane’s stream (@otknetwork/Twitter)

One user wrote: “That’s good, keep them all classic.” Another said: “I’m glad to see the refugees brought back some culture from Eorzea. » Someone else noted: “I really wish Miz would unblock me.” One observer noted, “She’s currently level 5, she’s going faster than I thought.”

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