PewDiePie’s Fitness Equipment Called ‘Budget’ by Exercise Scientist, YouTuber Calls Review ‘Hilarious’

TOKYO, JAPAN: PewDiePie or Felix Kjelberg, the former reigning king of YouTube and influential content creator, sparked discussions among his fans when an exercise scientist conducted an examination of his gym equipment.

PewDiePie has been keeping a low profile lately. This was attributed to his hiatus from content creation to focus on his family life. He lives in Tokyo with his wife, son and their furry friends. But despite the low profile, any mention of his name continues to generate immediate buzz.

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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 29: PewDiePie signs copies of his new book
PewDiePie’s Gym Equipment Gets Reviewed (Getty Images)

PewDiePie’s Gym Equipment Gets the ‘Budget’ Label

In a recent YouTube video, Mike Israetel, a doctor of sports physiology and prominent bodybuilding figure, expressed his surprise at PewDiePie’s gym equipment.

Israetel created a video titled “Exercise Scientist Reviews PewDiePie’s Training,” in which he delved into PewDiePie’s workout routine.

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The video started with Israetel commenting on the YouTuber’s Swedish accent before focusing on the equipment and materials used during the workout, a part that didn’t exactly impress Israetel.

PewDiePie, in his video, spoke about his dedication to maintaining his fitness, highlighting a five-day workout routine.

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He shared his preference for training with dumbbells and transitioning his gym from the basement garage to the living room. Highlighting the consistency of his workout routines, PewDiePie mentioned some adjustments but generally stuck to his familiar regimen, starting with chest exercises.

Addressing PewDiePie’s choice of gear, Israetel exclaimed: “Woah, that’s low budget.” I thought this bastard made like a trillion dollars an hour on YouTube! Respect for not spending your money on nonsense like gym equipment.

Israetel acknowledged that despite seemingly basic equipment, PewDiePie could still achieve a well-built physique, emphasizing that sophisticated equipment was not essential for fundamental exercises.

PewDiePie also revealed his use of a power supply, approved by Israel. Ultimately, the social media sensation highlighted the hard work required to achieve the physical shape he’s in, regardless of the equipment used.

PewDiePie finds Mike Israetel’s assessment ‘hilarious’

Following Israetel’s review of the PewDiePie gym equipment, many users have come forward to share their comments and views.

One user wrote: “This shows how important consistency is. PewDiePie made some really good gains despite his poor form because he stuck it out.”

PewDiePie Fans React to Mike Israetel’s Review of His Gym Equipment (@pewdiepie/Instagram)

PewDiePie wrote: “It was hilarious and super informal, thanks!”

One user said: “I think Pewds has evolved a bit since that video was at least a few years old. He’s in Japan now and has a power rack, so I think he’s doing dumbbell moves and pull-ups now.”

One user said PewDiePie made very good gains (RenaissancePeriodization/YouTube)
One user said PewDiePie made very good gains (RenaissancePeriodization/YouTube)

PewDiePie himself responded to the video (RenaissancePeriodization/YouTube)
PewDiePie himself responded to the video (RenaissancePeriodization/YouTube)

One user claimed that PewDiePie has grown a lot as a person and in terms of fitness (RenaissancePeriodization/YouTube)
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