‘Party out of control’: Internet mocks ‘physical altercation’ between Kevin McCarthy and Tim Burchett

WASHINGTON, DC: Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was accused by Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of elbowing him on November 14 while he was speaking with a reporter in the hallway outside the GOP conference meeting at the Capitol.

Burchett was a vocal critic of the former president and was one of eight Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy in October. He reportedly told the Daily Mail that the fight was the first interaction between the two since McCarthy was fired from the presidency.

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Tim Burchett slammed Kevin McCarthy for being a ‘bully’

Speaking to CNN, Burchett said: “I got elbowed in the back and it kind of caught me off guard because it was a clean shot to the kidney. And I turned around ( and) there was Kevin, and for a minute I was kind of like what just happened and then I chased after him of course.”

“Now he’s the kind of guy who, when you’re a kid, throws a rock over the fence, runs home and hides behind your mom’s skirt,” he continued.

Burchett further stated that McCarthy pushed him away when confronted, and when the former raised his voice, McCarthy responded with “that high-pitched kind of thing.”

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“Of course, like he always does…he just denies it or blames someone else or something. And it was just a little heated. But I just backed away because I didn’t see any reason. I gained nothing from it. Everyone saw it. So it didn’t really matter,” Burchett added.

Kevin McCarthy denies hitting Tim Burchett

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“I didn’t push him or nudge him. It’s a narrow hallway,” the former speaker said, later saying, “If I hit someone, they would know.” If I hit someone in the kidney, they would end up on the ground.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who was not at the scene when the alleged altercation took place, filed a formal ethics complaint against McCarthy after the incident.

Butchett revealed to CNN that he still felt some pain, but had not sought medical attention.

“A little bit yeah, I mean, it was just a clean shot in the kidney and that’s it. And it wasn’t serious, and I’ve had worse. I’m not going to see a doctor. And I “I’m not going to get a lawyer. I’m not going to seek ethical validation. I don’t care,” he said.

Internet reacts to the incident

The shock of the legislators is trolled by Internet users, as shown in the following tweets.

“Game out of control,” someone wrote on X.

party out of control

– LadyKatie (@PepKate) November 14, 2023

“Between this and the Republican senator trying to start a bar fight with a witness during a hearing, Republicans are in clown mode,” posted another.

Between that and the Republican senator trying to start a bar fight with a witness during a hearing, Republicans are in full clown mode.

— Chris (@Magnet0WasRight) November 14, 2023

“WTAF! And these clowns are responsible for writing our laws and bills?” asked a third.

WAFTA! And these clowns are responsible for writing our laws and bills?

— Go New York Jets! (@pragovnj) November 14, 2023

“They should fight with MyPillow #GOPClownShowContinues,” another user joked.

They should fight with MyPillow #GOPClownShowContinues

– 🌻Justice⚖Now 🌟🇺🇸 (@ChrisJustice01) November 14, 2023

GIFs such as the following were also shared in the context of the alleged confrontation.


– Douglas Ireland (@Douglas21180084) November 14, 2023

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