Party boy who kissed Kristen Smart hours before her murder recalls how killer Paul Flores intimidated him

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA: A 20-year-old college student who kissed Kristen Smart just hours before she was tragically killed has recalled the odd interactions he had with murderer Paul Flores and another “scary stranger at the party where she was last seen alive.

In late spring 1996, Trevor Boelter first met Smart at a house party near the Cal Poly Tech University campus in San Luis Obispo, California. He met Smart, who was 19 at the time, three times during the evening before he disappeared in the early hours of May 25, 1996. Flores, the main perpetrator of the murder case, was sentenced to prison term of 25 years to life. by the Monterey County Superior Court.


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Trevor’s first encounter with Smart

Trevor’s first of three interactions with Smart occurred while he was standing in a hallway inside the house. Trevor described her as a tall, blonde, attractive, flirtatious woman and said she approached him and introduced her as “Roxy”. He claimed Smart gave him a “full French kiss” just moments after getting to know him. She then grabbed Trevor by the hand and led him into the bathroom.

What did Trevor say about Smart?

“She was very pretty and seemed extremely outgoing,” Trevor, now 47, told The Sun. “She was kinda there and she didn’t really seem to have anyone with her. I mean, she came up to me right away and kissed me. I had never met this girl before, and I was like, ‘what’s going on?'”

He continued, “When she pulled me into the bathroom, she got changed right away and it was like I was seeing the real girl, not the one who was extremely outgoing and approached me. me a few seconds earlier. She started mirroring her makeup and she asked me: ‘Do you think I’m ugly?’, and I said to her: ‘no, you’re beautiful'”.

Trevor added: “She then asked me who at the party I thought she should sleep with and then she named two people, one of whom was my friend Ross. I joked that she should choose me, but she said, ‘Yeah…yeah…no’ and I laughed wondering who seriously she should choose. I told her that I think she should choose Ross because he’s a nice guy. She then asked me to leave the bathroom and I walked out the door to a guy who was standing directly in front of me. It was Paul Flores.

Trevor’s awkward interaction with Flores

Flores asked Trevor with “authority” in his voice, “What I’d like to know is what did you do with her in the bathroom?” Trevor apparently didn’t know who Flores was at the time, but seeing how furious he was, Trevor thought he was Smart’s boyfriend and must have seen them kissing.

When Trevor told her “nothing happened,” Flores just laughed in her face. “It was so weird, it was almost like he thought he owned this girl or something,” Trevor said. “Then he let out this really stupid, silly laugh, and then I realized he was just a stupid, goofy kid. But it all happened in 90 seconds, and I said to my friends: ‘What’s going on?'”

Trevor tried to ignore the tense confrontation with Flores and moved on with his night.

GUILTY VERDICT: A jury found Paul Flores guilty of the murder of Kristen Smart, who disappeared from a California college campus 26 years ago. Flores, now 45, had long been a suspect but was only arrested last year.

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) October 18, 2022

Trevor’s second interaction with Smart

The next time Trevor saw Smart, he saw a small, red-haired teenager approaching her boldly and trying to invade her personal space and make her visibly uncomfortable. Trevor said he didn’t know who the individual was but claimed he was “really scary towards her”.

“I could just see that she was feeling uncomfortable, so I quickly walked over there to check and see if she was okay and the child wandered off,” he said. “He was really crawling on her. I remember mentioning it to the police for years afterwards, telling them to investigate this guy, whoever he was, but obviously he got away with it. turned out to be nothing. I never saw him again.”

Smart disappeared after Flores took her back to her dorm (YouTube/KTLA 5)

Trevor’s third interaction with Smart

The last interaction between Trevor and Smart took place shortly before the former left the party, around midnight. She apparently approached him as he smoked in the garden with his friends, tearfully asking if they could go and have a private talk.

Kristen, somewhat dramatically, told Trevor that she was “stupid” and “so stupid” because she believed she had “screwed everything up” with her friend Ross. He tried to calm her down and said everything was fine but Kristin was still upset. He asked Smart what her zodiac sign was in an effort to distract her.

Pisces, she said to which he replied, “Me too.” “I was like, well, what’s your birthday?” and she said February 20, which is the same date as mine,” he said. “I then turned to her and said, ‘Roxy, you know we have the same birthday that [Nivana lead singer] Kurt Cobain? She then grabbed the side of my head, right next to my ears, and pulled me in for a kiss. It really felt like a really uncomfortable, almost desperate kiss and I really wasn’t into it.”

He added: “I realized I was done for the night so I gently pushed her away and told her we didn’t have to do this. Of course by then she was now more upset because I had just dismissed her as Good.” It was the last time Trevor saw her.

“She disappeared”

Trevor returned and detailed the series of strange encounters he had with a girl called “Roxy” to his roommate, then went to bed. It was until May 28 of that year that Trevor would think of Smart because he would later learn his real name. A friend of Trevor’s walked up to him on campus and said, “Hey man, remember that girl Roxy? Well the police were at her house today, she disappeared.”

Trevor said the news hit him hard and he immediately suspected something terrible had happened to him. Trevor suspected that she might have been drugged at the party she had been behaving weirdly for at the time.

“I definitely felt like she was on to something rather than inebriated,” he said. “Something investigators would ask me years later, could I smell the alcohol on his breath? And I didn’t think I could, but how would I really remember? I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen her drink at all and other people have said the same thing over the years.

He added: “I spoke with the Smart family lawyer in 2012 and told her I felt like she was drunk that night because there was a drug problem. at Cal Poly at the time, on mostly frat nights, I had a personal experience where I was too drunk.

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