NFL fans joke as Travis Kelce considers quitting football due to lingering pain from surgeries

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: Chiefs star Travis Kelce revealed he is seriously considering retirement due to pain and discomfort from injuries and surgeries playing a violent game.

Kelce spoke candidly about his football career with JR Moehringer for the cover of WSJ Magazine’s December/January issue. The 34-year-old NFL legend said he thinks about leaving the field “more than anyone could ever imagine.”

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Kelce began dating Taylor Swift in September, and many misunderstand his retirement plans as a consequence of his relationship with the most famous pop star. However, the reasons are completely different.

Kelce has barely spoken about the effects of the injuries he suffered and the surgeries he underwent.

According to him, the pain of these operations has still not disappeared. “It’s the one thing I’ve never really talked about openly, the discomfort. The pain,” the NFL star said. “The lingering injuries, the 10 surgeries I had, I still feel them to this day.”

MIAMI, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 02: Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs warms up at Super Bowl LIV
Travis Kelce has undergone ten surgeries over the years (Getty Images)

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One of the best tight ends in NFL history, and the two-time Super Bowl champion has been with the Kansas City Chiefs since 2013 after playing for the University of Cincinnati from 2008 to 2012.

Travis Kelce Injuries and Surgeries

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Although he held numerous records during his NFL career, Kelce suffered numerous injuries and nearly a dozen surgeries, which ultimately took a toll on his body.

According to information posted on the DRAFT SHARKS website, most parts of his body have been injured over the years, including his abdomen, due to a sports hernia, knee cartilage injuries, cartilage injuries from the ribs to the chest and ankle sprains. hip and neck.

Kelce also suffered head concussions twice during his career in 2017 and 2018 while playing against the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans, respectively.

His last injury was a sprained ankle in the Week 5 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

According to Kelce, he underwent ten surgeries during his ten-year career. The first was a sports hernia operation and knee arthroscopy in 2013. He also underwent surgeries for his shoulder injuries.

NFL Fans Jokes About Travis Kelce’s Romance With Taylor Swift As The Reason For His Retirement

Fans know well what a legend Kelce is. However, many joked about how Kelce had started thinking about retiring, contradicting his comments in June, saying he had no plans to retire.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 15: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have dinner at Waverly Inn on October 15, 2023 in New York City.  (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce started dating in September (Gotham/GC Images)

One user said: “Taylor Swift is from Yoko Ono’d the Chiefs.”

Taylor Swift just Yoko Ono’d the Chiefs.

– The Teal Mustang (@TheTealMustang) November 20, 2023

Another user wrote, “@taylorswift13 would forever become the Yoko Ono of @Chiefs fans.”

@taylorswift13 would forever become the Yoko Ono of @Chiefs fans.

— Rug Burns (@burns_rug) November 20, 2023

Another said: “As soon as he starts dating Taylor he’ll want to retire.”

As soon as he starts dating Taylor, he wants to retire

– Sports Center (@sports_hub_1) November 20, 2023

“Taylor Swift already convinced Guy to give up football,” said a third user.

Guy is already persuaded by Taylor Swift to give up football

– drone (@dronerogan) November 20, 2023

A fourth user joked: “Translation: Bro is happy in his relationship.”

Translation: Bro is happy in his relationship

– Mohammed Hassan (@mhassan_32) November 21, 2023

“That was a Swift out of the league,” joked a fifth user.

it was a quick exit from the league

– n8 (@loveandnate) November 21, 2023

Although some users made fun of Kelce’s new romance with Swift, other fans pointed out that he may be making a wise decision considering his age.

One user said: “It makes sense that most star athletes start regressing at this point or even earlier. »

He’s 34, that makes sense, most star athletes start to regress at this point or even earlier.

– Floé (@whereisFloe) November 21, 2023

“I think him and his brother are dating, Jason Kelce said the injuries are taking their toll too,” another user noted.

I think he and his brother are dating, Jason Kelce said injuries are also taking their toll.

— Chris (Eagles 8-1) (@Mob_Reset) November 20, 2023

“I mean, you’d expect this position to be physically demanding and start to creep into the mid-30s. He was less injured as a gronk, but he still had some injuries…I’m honestly surprised it’s still this good,” a third user wrote.

I mean, this position is expected to be physically demanding and starts to creep into your mid-30s. Gronk was less injured, but he still had some injuries. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s still this good.

– Slimemdown🤑💰 (@26Reddot) November 21, 2023

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