‘Morning Joe’ trolled as Joe Scarborough calls ‘fascism’ after article on Donald Trump’s ‘terrible words’

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: On Tuesday morning, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were joined by a panel on “Morning Joe” where the latest New York Times article on former President Donald Trump was discussed.

The article titled “Trump’s dire words raise new fears about his authoritarian bent” discussed Trump’s “most vicious attacks” on his political opponents, which sparked new concerns among autocracy experts.

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Scarborough shared his views on this article after calling Trump a “fascist” and then facing severe backlash on social media for the same thing.

Joe Scarborough criticizes Donald Trump in ‘Morning Joe’

On “Morning Joe,” the segment on Donald Trump focused on the article published by the New York Times, and part of it was also shared on the channel’s X account (formerly Twitter).

In it, Scarborough spoke about the article: “I just want to review, again, that New York Times article. Let’s review them. It’s time for fascism to be called fascism and for Americans to know exactly what they’re voting for.”

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“It’s time for fascism to be called fascism and for Americans to know exactly what they’re voting for.” –@joenbc discussing New York Times reporting on Trump’s authoritarian bent pic.twitter.com/ItDfOreds6

— Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) November 21, 2023

“You know, I’ve heard people poop and say, ‘Oh, far left people,’ no. I am conservative. I am on the right. There is a difference between conservatism, radicalism and fascism. This is fascism,” Scarborough said.

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The “Morning Joe” host then read quotes from the article written by an expert and added that it was “boilerplate stuff.”

He said: “Fascism is generally understood as a far-right authoritarian system of government in which hypernationalism is a central element. »

“It also features a cult of personality around a strongman leader, the justification of violence or retaliation against opponents, and the repeated denigration of the rule of law,” Scarborough expressed in delving into the meaning of fascism in an article about Donald Trump. .

Scarborough continued: “Former fascist leaders appeal to a sense of victimhood to justify their actions. We have the right because we have been robbed. We were victims. We have been deceived and robbed. »

“The lamentations, the snowflakes coming from the Trump people. I mean, a snowflake falls on their shoulders and they are the victims.”

“They are victims of the Hank Aaron history books. They are victims of children’s books about Roberto Clemente. They are victims of tweets. You name it, they’re victims of everything. »

They are such weak snowflakes, and they use this victimization to justify violence against their opponents,” Scarborough said in expressing his views on the “Trump people.”

‘Morning Joe’ faces backlash on X

After Joe Scarborough analyzed parts of the New York Times article on “Morning Joe” with a deep dive into fascism, the network, hosts and show faced widespread backlash on social media .

One person wrote, “The main reason your ratings are so low is because what you preach are lies and propaganda rhetoric,” and another said, “Two of the biggest con artists in the media. How do you still have an audience?😂😂”

The main reason your ratings are so low is because what you preach is all lies and propaganda rhetoric.

– M. SPITALNICK🇺🇸✡️☮️ (@spitalnick) November 21, 2023

Two of the biggest crooks in media. How do you manage to still have an audience.😂😂

– Marie (@mary_skillcat3) November 21, 2023

“Lol. I love comedy gold in the morning,” one user said. Another wrote: “It’s laughable…lots of projection.”

lol. I love comedy gold in the morning.

— GettingWhatYouVoteFor (@fastfuriousfafo) November 21, 2023

it’s laughable… a lot of projection

– 🇺🇸Faith (@Yackityyack1) November 21, 2023

The backlash continued when one person wrote: “You are irrelevant. Keep lying,” and another said, “I wouldn’t watch @MSNBC if it was the last station on the air and including @CNN. »

You are irrelevant.
Keep lying…

— Lazer Berisha (@BerishaLazer) November 21, 2023

I wouldn’t watch @MSNBC if it was the last station on the air and including @CNN.

— James Ballinger (@techx4277) November 21, 2023

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