Mindy Noce, the girlfriend of Republican Senator Tim Scott, and her ex Peter Noce prosecuted for “imposture” scheme

WASHINGTON, DC: New revelations have shed light on the controversial financial history of Mindy Noce, the current girlfriend of Republican Senator Tim Scott.

Court documents obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail detail allegations of involvement in a “fictitious” scheme with her ex-husband, tech entrepreneur Peter “Jay” Noce.

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WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 10: Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., interviews Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during the
Tim Scott publicly revealed his relationship with Mindy Noce (Getty Images)

Mindy and Peter Noce were accused of creating shell companies

Mindy, 47, was accused of helping her former spouse set up shell companies to hide assets and evade liability following a $1.2 million deal, legal documents say from 2017.

These legal troubles coincided with their divorce, citing reasons such as her ex-husband’s drug and alcohol addiction as the cause of the marriage breakdown.

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Scott, 58, went public with his relationship with Mindy, acknowledging her presence during his candidacy announcement earlier this year. He highlighted their common values ​​and mutual respect, praising their relationship and common faith.

However, just four days after their public appearance, Scott surprisingly withdrew from the presidential race, citing a clear message from voters that it was not his time to run.

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(Atlantic Lowcountry Properties/Facebook)
Mindy Noce was accused of helping her ex-partner create shell companies (Atlantic Properties of the Lowcountry/Facebook)

Mindy and Peter Noce misused invested funds for personal luxury

Legal documents from Moncks Corner, South Carolina, detail a 2017 lawsuit against the Noce couple, in which a British company accused them of obstructing access to company records after a substantial investment in their company called Bravas Partners LLC.

Allegations have surfaced that they created other companies with no assets, using them as shields to avoid accountability for the consequences of the Bravas deal.

The lawsuit claimed that the Noces misappropriated the invested funds for personal luxury, resulting in a breach of contract. Ultimately, the case reached an out-of-court settlement in 2018.

(Pierre Noce/Facebook)
Peter Noce remains embroiled in legal battles involving major monetary disputes (Peter Noce/Facebook)

Mindy Noce cites Peter’s drug addiction as reason for marriage breakdown

Simultaneously, amid legal battles, Mindy was on the verge of divorce, accusing her ex-husband of addiction issues. Court records revealed her description of herself as a housewife, citing the irreparable breakdown of their marriage due to her drug addiction.

The divorce settlement resulted in Mindy receiving substantial assets and monthly spousal support. However, the stipulations provided for termination of alimony upon remarriage or cohabitation, consistent with South Carolina law.

Meanwhile, Mindy’s ex-husband Peter remains embroiled in legal battles involving major monetary disputes. Recent court rulings required payment of $1.8 million for a failed investment and another judgment over a $300,000 investment was allegedly embezzled.

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