Michael Tony Satterfield: Son of former Murdaugh family maid Gloria wants his mother’s body exhumed

ISLANDTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: The son of Gloria Satterfield, the former Murdaugh family maid who died in what the Murdaughs called a “trip and fall” accident, is requesting the exhumation of his mother’s body. Michael Tony Satterfield recently said he doesn’t believe his mother was murdered, but he still wanted to “see if there was foul play.”

The late housekeeper spent more than 20 years working for the famous family before tragically passing away in February 2018, aged 57. Tony said he was “shocked” to learn that Alex Murdaugh had not offered his family millions of dollars in insurance money after his mother died, according to News Nation.


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Wasn’t it an accident?

South Carolina Law Enforcement (SLED) is still investigating the death of Murdaugh family housekeeper Gloria in a bizarre 2018 ‘slip and fall’. She reportedly tripped over the family’s four dogs on the steps leading to their home, but he long suspected it was no accident, reports the New York Post. The first criminal investigation into Gloria Satterfield’s death was opened in 2021, three years after her death, Insider reported earlier.

Maggie and her son Paul were the only witnesses

Alex’s wife, Maggie, informed the police of Gloria’s accident. Maggie and her son Paul were the only people who saw what happened, according to KIRO 7. The disgraced lawyer, who was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month, murdered Maggie and Paul Murdaugh in 2021. Gloria’s death was not submitted to the coroner, and no autopsy was performed, according to WJCL-22. South Carolina authorities announced on June 7, 2021 that the body would be exhumed.

The steps taken by lawyer Eric Bland

Columbia, SC attorney Eric Bland, who represents Satterfield’s sons Brian “Little B” Harriott and Michael Anthony “Tony” Satterfield, along with other financial victims of Murdaugh, has recovered more than $7.5 million from dollars for the Satterfield family from various banks and the law. companies implicated in the Alex Murdaugh insurance scandals. That does not include the additional $4.3 million that Bland extracted from Murdaugh in a court-authorized judgment admission in April 2022. The funds will be distributed to many of Murdaugh’s victims, per New York Post. “Gloria died for a purpose,” Bland said. “She was the first and it really brought all the victims together in a way.”

Bland, however, insists that Gloria was not murdered on purpose. He believes it will be difficult to establish whether his death was caused by someone or something other than an accidental fall.

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