Michael Hugo: Tim McGraw grants heartbreaking wish of terminally ill Florida man

TENNESSEE, NASHVILLE: In a heartfelt turn of events, Tim McGraw got a Florida man’s heartbreaking wish. When 37-year-old Michael Hugo was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in April 2022, he didn’t give up hope, but he knew he might not stick around long enough to see his daughters marry.

Hugo had posted a plea on social media, asking that the country musician record a duet with him of “My Little Daughter” to perform when his daughters, Bridget, six, and Brooke, seven, marry. This caught McGraw’s attention and he made sure Hugo’s wish came true.

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“One of my dreams is to be with my granddaughters for their wedding”

Hugo, who is an adventurer and a natural athlete who is said to have skydived, said in the original video posted Feb. 9 that one of his dreams was to be with his granddaughters for their wedding. “But statistically it’s going to be tough. And I’m going to fight to get there, but one of my dreams or goals…is to make a duo [of] ‘My Little Girl’ with Tim McGraw and make a little video that we could play during their wedding,” he said.

He continued, “So if I’m in it, that would be great because it’s a beautiful song. And if I’m not in it, then at least I can be a part of this wonderful day which I hope will will come, hope will come.” His heartbreaking appeal quickly gained traction online and soon after McGraw personally invited him and his wife Vanessa, mother Lori and daughters to Nashville.

“We are going to make this happen”

The “Humble and Kind” singer, 55, shared a video of himself hanging out with the Hugos on Instagram, writing that they were “going to make it happen.” He captioned the video: “Thank you to everyone who shared Mike Hugo’s video on social media and tagged me in the comments. So glad we were able to come together in person, meet this amazing family and make it happen! Mike is saving the videos for his daughters future weddings…what a special thing to be a part of.”

‘My Little Girl’ for our girls

Hugo’s wife Vanessa posted the experience on Facebook. She wrote how Hugo and his family were invited to Nashville once the singer saw the video. McGraw’s father, Tug, had died in 2004 of glioblastoma. Vanessa said not only was Hugo able to record “My Little Daughter” for his daughters, but also “I Called for Mama” for his mother, Lori. They were also taken with a film crew to the Grand Ole Opry, where videos were recorded of Hugo dancing with his daughters and mother. All videos will be compiled to make a video tribute to the family.

Vanessa ended the post by saying, “Lori, Michael’s mum, has owned a travel agency for many years. She always says the customers who buy travel insurance are the ones who never need it. I like to think that this experience…this trip…the songs and the video…is our travel insurance,” adding, “Our prayer is that Michael will be there to sing his heart out when Bridget and Brooke will grow up and get married. But if God has a different plan, Michael’s love will always be here with us.”

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