Megyn Kelly slams Gayle King for ‘grossly inappropriate’ CBS interview with father of Israeli child

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly attacked CBS host Gayle King for interviewing the father of an eight-year-old Israeli girl taken hostage by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group.

The 52-year-old criticized King for being “insensitive” towards the hostage’s father and called the interaction “totally inappropriate.”

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Megyn Kelly invited Dave Rubin to discuss Gayle King's inappropriate interview with Israeli hostage's father (@MegynKelly/YouTube)
Megyn Kelly and guest Dave Rubin discussed Gayle King’s ‘inappropriate’ interview with Israeli hostage’s father (@MegynKelly/YouTube)

Megyn Kelly lashes out at CBS Gayle King over interview with Israeli hostage father

The former Fox News and NBC star was joined by Dave Rubin, host of “The Rubin Report,” to discuss the King interview.

Kelly told Rubin that after she tweeted in retaliation for the King interview, the CBS star’s team wanted her to “hold back the criticism.”

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“That’s a no. I stand by every word I say,” Kelly exclaimed during her show.

After playing a brief portion of the interview for his viewers, Kelly said: “For me, it was completely inappropriate to bring up this moral equivalence between you know, some Israeli children were harmed and some Palestinian children were also been taken away and now it’s just kind of politics.

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She continued to criticize King and claimed, “That’s not what’s happening here at all. It’s not about politics. This is an evil terrorist group that has killed 1,400 innocent people, including children and women, and currently has this man’s daughter.”

While continuing to express her anger, Kelly remarked, “You’re not going with him.” [the girl’s father]. It was insensitive, wrong, and yes, for those of you at CBS who were wondering if I saw the whole interview, I watched the whole interview, everything. »

Kelly then pointed at the camera and shouted, “That was completely inappropriate.” Rubin, who appeared as a guest on Kelly’s show, agreed and called King’s interview “disgusting,” “evil” and “immoral.”

Internet Supports Megyn Kelly Against Gayle King’s CBS Interview

Netizens were quick to share Kelly’s opinion regarding King’s “inappropriate” interview with the Israeli hostage’s father and used the comments to express their anger.

One angry user wrote: “What she did by provoking this poor father and confronting him with his political views is simply ABUSIVE!!! »

“Much respect to Megyn Kelly for speaking out about the facts. Gayle King, shame on you,” said another.

“I’m so sick of Gayle King! I’m so sick of Oprah and her minions! All this disgusts me! wrote another.

One user wrote: “I could NOT be MORE proud of Megyn for calling Gayle King! Don’t stop attacking the hateful, insensitive and nasty behavior of so-called rotten journalists like this!!”

“Gayle King is absolutely without any decency! I’m so glad I didn’t waste my time on such a despicable show and host. Keep going, Meghan. Thank you for your courageous and solid reporting! “” another user joked.

The same user also added: “We are losing even some of the most “conservative” journalists. Please stay strong and true. You are appreciated! Every word of this report is true!

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