Megyn Kelly issues stern warning to anti-Israel protesters in New York, asking them to leave America

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former Fox News and NBC star Megyn Kelly fired back at all anti-Israel protesters in New York, asking them to “leave the country” and “go away” they don’t like life in New York. United States.

This 52-year-old has extensively covered the issue of the war between Israel and Hamas on her podcast, with particular emphasis on all the anti-Semitic protests ravaging the United States.

But it turns out the veteran journalist has lost all her cool with the ongoing anti-Israel protests in New York and across America, saying no one wants them “here” if they continue to rally against Israel.

Megyn Kelly was furious over anti-Israel protests breaking out in New York (@MegynKelly/YouTube)
Megyn Kelly furious over anti-Israel protests calling on all protesters to ‘leave’ New York (@MegynKelly/YouTube)

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Megyn Kelly asks anti-Israel protesters to ‘leave’ America

Kelly reminded her viewers of a massive anti-Israel protest that took place at Columbus Circle near Central Park in New York on Friday, November 10.

She played a clip of protesters harassing a young girl who supported Israel and then showed the protesters vandalizing the New York Times building.

After showing these clips to her viewers, Kelly delivered a message to all the anti-Israel protesters on her show.

While expressing her anger toward the protesters, she shouted, “You don’t love America? To go out! To go out! We don’t want you here either. You don’t want to be here? We don’t do it. It’s perfect!”

Megyn Kelly claimed anti-Israel protesters threw
Megyn Kelly claims anti-Israel protesters threw ‘fake blood’ on New York Times building (@MegynKelly/YouTube)

Kelly urged protesters to go home because half of them aren’t even from the United States and were “singing in Arabic” at the anti-Israel rally.

“Go home. Honestly, half of these people are singing in Arabic about this country that they clearly chose, but it’s not good enough for them,” she said.

“Get out! We don’t need you here either,” Kelly continued.

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Internet Agrees With Megyn Kelly’s Statement on Anti-Israel Protesters

Social media users were happy to see Kelly go after anti-Israel protesters on her show.

They agreed with Kelly’s sentiment that these protesters should “leave” the country if they “don’t like it here.”

One wrote: “Well said Megan! If they don’t like the American way, they need to leave! They are NOT changing our country!!!”

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Another agreed: “Megyn, isn’t it nice to have a platform where you can express your opinion without being canceled? 99.9999% of us totally agree with you.

“I think this message should be spread across the country. Take out the F,” said another.

Another praised Kelly and said: “Well done, someone who is not afraid to voice their opinion regarding these ungrateful occupiers of the United States.” »

“I agree!!! I’m sick of listening to this BC!!!!! Let them go!! They hate this country! Please go back! ” said another user.

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