Man kicks in-laws out of home for insulting single mom while wife downplays whole episode

It’s common for family members to be rude to each other, and a Reddit user posted one such incident on the “AITA” platform, with users giving their two cents. The user, a father, posted that his wife had planned a dinner date with the couple’s parents and their son, an idea the poster disagreed with due to simmering tensions between the two parts. “The night got off to a bad start when my wife asked my mom about her boyfriend and her dad started asking her about him. ‘Why didn’t she invite him over? What’s his work?’” the poster said.

He added: ‘But then becoming more intrusive and basically implying that single mothers shouldn’t date and making a suggestive remark about her children having different fathers. I was already furious at this point, but my wife managed to divert the conversation. During the night, they kept making negative remarks about my mother. The poster said the harsh treatment had taken its toll on his mother, who has a history of anxiety and mental health issues. Her mother retreated to an empty room and never came out.

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“I was already very angry”

Speaking of their varied backgrounds, the man wrote: “My in-laws are wealthy while my mum has always been poor and me and my brother are helping to support her now. At 51 my mum is also young compared to them (70+).”

He said his in-laws continued to show their contempt for his mother on the forum. He wrote: “During the night they continued to make negative remarks about my mother. Even when my MIL was congratulating my sister for entering law school, she used it to lashing out at my mom saying how awesome that was. wondered where she came from. MIL also continued to try to control how my mother interacted with my son. A few times she told my son how he was playing with my mom despite me being there if he needed discipline. “

His mother going to the guest room was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The man then took matters into his own hands and said, “I decided to politely ask my in-laws to leave and explained to them that I would not tolerate them talking to my mother the way they did. did that night. My wife and FIL tried to talk to me about it, but I told them I didn’t want to discuss it now, I just wanted them to leave.

After the departure of his in-laws, the man began to argue with his wife about the behavior of her parents towards his family. He said his wife downplayed his parents’ actions and made it seem like he was reading between the lines too much. “She now thinks I am treating her family badly when it was her parents who kept bashing my mum, and I know she noticed because she kept trying to intervene. “, did he declare.

Editors declare the verdict

Platform users took to their keyboards in support of the man, saying, “If your wife didn’t think her parents were doing anything wrong, why was she changing the subject or the direction of the conversation when they insulted your mother? Another said: ‘The most important thing for me is to expect him to ask permission before kicking them out. If a permanent resident of a house is no longer comfortable with a guest, he can immediately ask him to leave. It’s a “one no is enough, 2 is not necessary” situation. You can’t tell someone to suck it and be uncomfortable in their home. No.”

A third user said: “You did the right thing to talk to your mum (your side of the family), it’s up to her to do the same with her parents indeed. She didn’t. You’ve did what you could, which was to end the evening politely so as not to have this angry conversation with them when your wife should have handled it herself.

Another user also sided with the husband, saying, “It’s not disrespectful to his family to address their hurtful behavior towards your own family member. Your wife should have taken your concerns seriously and understood your feelings better. It is important for partners to support each other in situations like this.

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