Man films horrifying moment when lightning ignites his garden tree with an ‘almighty bang’

QUEENSALND, AUSTRALIA: The dramatic moment a bolt of lightning struck a man’s backyard in Queensland and set a tree on fire has been caught on camera. Luke Cottle stood just yards from where lightning struck his yard as he recorded a storm passing his home in Arana Hills, north of Brisbane.

Luke described the near incident as horrific. “It’s one of those things where growing up in Brisbane you hear a lot of lightning strikes, and you think it’s close by, but when it’s literally a few feet away from you…it was a bit of a surprise,” he said. said remembering the moment.

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“We heard that almighty bang”

According to 7News, Bev Cottle, Luke’s wife, claimed that when lightning struck their yard, she was inside with their children, watching the storm from the back windows. “We heard that almighty knock and the flash through the front door was so bright, so I rang thinking it hit the carport or something, and Luke was swearing,” a- she declared.

Additionally, a man was struck by lightning while playing golf on a Brisbane course around 2.30pm on March 12. He is still in critical condition. The man was golfing in Brendale on Sunday afternoon when a severe storm system moved through southeast Queensland. Paramedics treated him there before rushing him to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Warning of “widespread thunderstorm activity”

More than 4,000 residents lost power in Brisbane and Logan on the afternoon of March 12 following storms that affected most of southern Queensland. Harry Clark, senior meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology, told the Daily Mail there were powerful storms moving east and north from Noosa. “Warnings are still in place for areas such as Noosa in Broad Bay as well as Gympie, Inskip, Rainbow Beach,” he said.

About 185 lightning strikes and one man struck from this storm over #brisbane this arvo! Did you miss this massive storm look @brisbanenews7 #brisbanephotographer #stromchaisng

— Sujays_photography (@Sujaysphoto) March 12, 2023

By 6 p.m. storms are expected to be over Lake Cooloola and by 6:30 p.m. over Rainbow Beach, Inskip and Inskip Point. According to Clark, things “had now calmed down” in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The two places with the highest rainfall were North Brisbane (60mm) and Eumundi (77mm), both on the Sunshine Coast. There were no complaints of wind damage. Additionally, the Bureau issued a warning earlier today of “significant thunderstorm activity” moving towards Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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