Landlord fears $30,000 cleaning bill after tenants leave her house filled with maggots and feces

TOOWOOMBA, AUSTRALIA: An Australian woman has shared her anger and frustration after her tenants left her home filled with feces, maggots, sanitary napkins and urine. The nightmarish state of the house in the town of Toowoomba even left the owner wondering if she would ever rent it out.

The occupants of the home were paying $485 a week plus a security deposit of almost $1,900, which the owner says is low by today’s market rate, Daily Mail reported. She claimed, “You will be unable to find anything of a similar size and price in the market these days in Toowoomba.” But the state of the property has now discouraged her and fears it will cost her $30,000 to fix things.


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“The emotional and physical cost to repair is too high”

The woman reportedly said, “The maggots. Defecation. Used women’s sanitary pads everywhere… If you’re just dirty or messy, it’s not at this point. It’s too much. This type of destructive behavior makes landlords unwilling to continue to advertise the property on the rental market because the emotional and physical cost to repair is too high.

It has been reported that the owner has now sought court assistance as insurers are not considering listing her until she is cleaned. The owner is said to have already spent around $7,000 to purchase a trash can and hire cleaners to begin cleaning. But she fears she may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars because tenants also reportedly badly damaged the furnace and air-conditioning areas.

Not only that, the landlord alleged that the tenants left the house filled with urination all around. The smell was so strong that she couldn’t enter the house for several weeks. The woman reportedly bought the house in 2015, but with the dire state of the property she worries if it will ever come back on the market.

“We couldn’t ignore it anymore”

In another bizarre case, an English couple discovered that their home had become a beehive. Kate Dempsey, 41, said: ‘It all started in the very hot summer of last year. We noticed black sticky stuff coming down from our bedroom wall. It got to the point where we couldn’t ignore it anymore. I smelled and tasted it and it was honey,” the New York Post reported.

The woman went on to share, “We started shooting more and more, it just seemed like there was no end, it was absolutely disgusting. We had never seen anything like it. The volume of the hive was huge. We kept cutting those boards and more and more honeycombs were appearing,” before adding, “We found more and more, there’s a bit of roof above from our window and it was full of golden honey too. You can imagine the mess. It was horrible.

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