Kailyn Lowry shares her experience going through the gender reveal process twice

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Kailyn Lowry didn’t quite get it at first!

In her recent “story time” on TikTok, the TV personality shared that she and her partner had to go through the gender reveal process twice.

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At 31, Kailyn Lowry first thought she was expecting twins, only to find out that wasn’t the case.

In her video, she shared: “So when I found out I was pregnant with twins, we did the non-invasive NIPT test. I want to say it lasts between nine and ten weeks, or eight to ten weeks, something like that.”

“We did a blood test and they said if they were boys they would detect an XY chromosome on the test. If it was two girls it wouldn’t show up so you would know that They were both girls.”

“However, when you get the test back, if there are chromosomes – if there is an XY, you assume they were both boys – I assume they were both boys,” a she shared.

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Kailyn Lowry on the ‘chaos’ of the wrong sex revealed

Revealing details about her initial gender reveal experience, the aspiring podcaster humorously described it as a “complete Kail and chaos, I couldn’t make that moment up,” People reports.

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“One of the smoke bombs didn’t go off, but when I got the first email I opened it and it said boy – but it didn’t say boys, because obviously you don’t Don’t count the other twin,” she said.

“So this is a little lesson for anyone who finds out they’re pregnant with twins. If they’re fraternal and there are boy-girl twins, only the boy’s chromosomes will show up on the test.”

How many children does Kailyn Lowry have?

Following a scan, the gender of their twins was officially confirmed. Kailyn Lowry shared, “We did a scan, an ultrasound, and they were able to confirm that one of them was a girl.”

“She didn’t even really confirm. She was like, ‘It looks like it, but I can’t confirm 100 percent.’ Then, obviously, after the 20-week anatomical scan, they were like, “Okay, one of them is a girl.”

“That’s why we didn’t know because of the first email and the smoke bomb and all that. We thought they were both boys,” she said.

The reality star announced the news of her pregnancy on her podcast “Barely Famous,” days after confirming the birth of her fifth son, Rio.

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