Kai Cenat recounts a funny childhood incident when his mother surprised him with a fake Ferragamo belt

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: In a recent live stream, Kai Cenat recalled a humorous childhood incident in which his mother surprised him and his brother with fake Ferragamo belts. At that time, he sincerely believed that they were authentic.

Taking viewers back to this childhood memory, Cenat stood up from his chair and vividly described his reaction when his mother handed him the belts to tuck in before heading to school.

This isn’t the first time Kai Cenat has made headlines; he has recently gained attention for his reactions to “smelling salts” and his engagement in entertaining content during his live broadcasts.

Kai cenat
Kai Cenat recalled a childhood incident during his livestream (@kaicenat/Instagram)

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The funny story of Kai Cenat

During a recent livestream, Kai Cenat took a moment to address his mother, delving into his childhood memories related to his brothers and fake Ferragamo belts. He exclaimed playfully, “Mom, if you’re watching this, you know you’re completely wrong to go to Canal Street. You gave me and my brothers Ferragamo belts that we thought it was real. It’s fucked up, mom. Mom. , you gave us Ferragamo belts, I thought it was real.”

Taking the opportunity to act out the scenario, Cenat got up from his chair saying: “And the funniest thing, isn’t it? I went to school tucking in my shirt like this with the belt visible, thinking that no one could tell me anything. I walked in the front door like that, and it’s so crazy because I asked mom, where did you get that money for that belt? Here’s Farrah Godwin, I’m at least 500 years old.

Kai Cenat tells the story of his mother who bought him and his brothers fake Ferragamo belts without telling them 🤣 pic.twitter.com/GTZ0wiaY14

– Akademiks TV (@AkademiksTV) November 18, 2023

He went on to share the conversation about the belt at school: “But I went to school, didn’t I? And when I went to school I think I told the story before I was in a lunchroom and with a real Ferragamo belt I was showing his shit too and I’m trying to think you got do your shit. I also put my shit on it with the no. Come see me out of nowhere with a real Ferragamo belt.

Cenat then recounted the moment he discovered the belt was fake and how it bothered him, saying: “He’s going to come to me, his ugly place.” It was wrong. He’s going to say that it’s not a real Ferragamo belt in front of everyone. And here I am, what are you talking about? This shit? Real? And he likes no, bro, this shit. Not true. Yo.”

Reflecting on this revelation, Cenat shared the conversation with his mother after learning the belt was fake: “I came home, I asked my mother, where did she get it from? Gang? And she sat me down and said, oh Kai, listen God, you’re going to do what I have to do, whether you like it or not, you feel me? It looked nice. So I got it for you.”

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Here he ends the story with quotes from his mother.

Kai Cenat attends the 2022 YouTube Streamy Awards at the Beverly Hilton on December 4, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
Kai Cenat went to school wearing a fake Ferragamo belt (Getty Images)

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Kai Cenat’s reaction to “smelling salts”

During a recent livestream featuring Kai Cenat, he performed an activity involving smelling salts. He showed a small plastic bottle labeled “ammonium carbonate, ammonium carbonate,” more commonly known as “smelling salts.”

While holding the bottle, Cenat playfully shared a somewhat rambling anecdote about making cookies, stating, “Oh, I used to make cookies. Smell it.”

Suddenly, he screamed as he opened the bottle, moving frantically around his room and eventually falling, all the while exclaiming, “Oh, but what? Oh, what? Help, oh my God. No, I had forgot about it. It’s just, oh my God.

Kai Cenat received smelling salts and smelled them without knowing it 😭 pic.twitter.com/HK1DM2iStB

– Ryan 🤿 (@scubaryan_) November 19, 2023

Following this, his facial expression changed as he stood close to the camera, uttering, “Oh my God.” Cenat’s tone changed abruptly as he said, “Oh my God.”

Caught in a moment of confusion, Cenat concluded by saying: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I just snorted coke. Oh My God. It’s coke.” . Oh God, no, oh God, no.”

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