Jynxzi Slams Kai Cenat for Seeking Agent Help During Fortnite Showdown: ‘You Can’t Have a Coach’

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Kai Cenat and Twitch streamer Nicholas Stewart aka Jynxzi are now in the spotlight as they join forces for an upcoming Fortnite showdown, creating buzz on social media.

In a recent Twitter post, Kai Cenat, with his vast follower base, announced the collaboration with Jynxzi, sparking an internet sensation.

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Kai Cenat x Jynxzi will begin at 7:00 p.m. live on Twitch🔥

Confirmed by @KaiCenat ✅ pic.twitter.com/QCwVOEVWka

– Kai Mafia Updates🗽💫 (@Kaimafiaupdates) November 19, 2023

The Fortnite showdown went as planned, but tensions arose when Cenat sought help from his friend and fellow streamer, Agent.

This decision sparked a disagreement between Jynxzi and Cenat during the 1v1 confrontation. Jynxzi, after discovering Cenat’s help as a coach, accused him of cheating and issued a stern warning: “You can’t have a coach” during the confrontation.

Jynxzi warns Kai Cenat ‘you can’t have a coach’

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Jynxzi's hilarious livestreams helped Adin Ross (jynxzilive)
Jynxzi warns Kai Cenat, ‘you can’t have a coach’ during Fortnite showdown (jynxzilive)

In Kai Cenat’s recent livestream showcasing a Fortnite session with Jynxzi, disagreement arose when Cenat asked the agent for advice.

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During the live stream, Cenat and Agent were heard discussing strategies, with remarks such as: “Watch when he has to get closer to you. Keep him away.

Jynxzi, after hearing the agent’s involvement, showed frustration during the 1v1 match and scolded Cenat, stating, “No, no, no, no.” This was not agreed when I put in five chips. It hasn’t been agreed at the moment, you can’t have a coach, I don’t know what he did. You can’t have a coach”

Expressing the feeling of having been deceived, Jynxzi accused Kai Cenat of dragging him on without his consent, saying: “No, I’m not. I practice being wrong with my money. No no no no no. ALL RIGHT. See when he should get closer to you.

Feeling cheated, Jynxzi called the situation “bizarre”, exclaiming: “I’m being scammed.” I’m being scammed. This is not what I accepted. I know I know every Saturday, so fucked up, look at the agent. He talks about my tournament defeats. Agent, this is so weird. Agent. So strange. All right. He has a trainer. It is very good. It’s really not good. But we can’t have a coach. All right. No.”

Jynxzi panics when Kaicenat gets a coach there 1v1#jynxzi pic.twitter.com/irvLhz70mh

– clipit53 (@clipit53) November 20, 2023

Jynxzi and Kai Cenat stream during Fortnite showdown

During another episode of Jynxzi and Kai Cenat’s Fortnite Showdown, the duo engaged in a heated 1v1 battle.

However, the competitive atmosphere took an unexpected turn when a third player, identified as a stream sniper, interfered in their match.

For context, stream sniping is a tactic in which individuals watch a live stream of a video game, often on platforms like Twitch, to gain an unfair advantage by using the streamer’s broadcast to track their actions or location in-game. This information is then used to target or “shoot” the streamer in-game.

In live stream footage featuring Cenat and Jynxzi, the latter encountered challenges with a sniper attempting to disrupt the ongoing battle with Cenat.

The sniper, identified by the username “Spoonzilla”, became evident when the live clip displayed the title “Taken out by Spoonzilla”. This incident highlighted the prevalence of stream sniping during their Fortnite showdown.

Jynxzi and Kai Cenat get streamed in Fortnite 😂 pic.twitter.com/Rdo7JB0rHQ

— Jynxzi Updates (@Jynxzi_Updates) November 20, 2023

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